Friday, April 11, 2014

Great Free Sign Language app: PCS Sign Language Flash Cards

Are you looking for an app for sign language?  

PCS™ Sign Language Flash Cards is a great FREE app from DynaVox Mayer-Johnson that will help you and your child to learn vocabulary words and the sign language symbol for 50 words (100 pairs)!  The FREE version is organized into a variety of categories, including shapes, numbers, colors, alphabet, days and months as well as weather and seasons.  

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PCS™ Sign Language Flash Cards FREE
(Free, iPad/iPhone)

PCS™ Sign Language Flash Cards 
($0.99, iPad/iPhone)


In-app purchase for full version available in the Free app. Free version comes with 100 basic concepts. External links to the app store.

These flashcards are great to use for beginners using sign or perhaps to enhance a visual schedule being used in the classroom.  So many kids are already familiar with the PCS™ Symbols, enabling them to recognize the existing picture and learn the matching sign.  As one method of communication, students with autism, Down's Syndrome, language delays or who are deaf/hard of hearing could use this either in a classroom setting or for practice.   

The FREE app is organized into a variety of categories, including shapes, numbers, colors, alphabet, days and months and weather and seasons.  The full version of the app can be purchased through the iTunes store. The full version includes a deck consisting of 500 PCS™ and Sign Language Symbols is available for one purchase price.  In the full app, there are adjectives, body & clothes, foods, animals, actions & emotions and people, places and things.

In the full version there are a variety of settings.  Two settings I really liked:   
- The text labels can be turned on or off.  Allowing the student to learn words with or without text.  
- The voice can be turned on and off.  The audio prompt can be used when needed.

The app can also be customized to individual needs.  Specific words can be organized for therapy or speech goals or practice in general.

From iTunes: 
The PCS™ Sign language Flash Card App is free to download and comes with over 100 Basic Concepts PCS™ Symbols on the front of the flashcards and 100 Sign Language PCS™ Symbols on the backs of each flashcard. 

You can purchase the full version of the PCS™ Sign language Flash Card App, which includes a full vocabulary sign language set with 542 PCS™ Symbols on the front of the flashcards and 542 Sign Language Symbols on the back, from the iTunes store. 

PCS™ Symbol categories available in the full version include:

Sign Language – 1084 Symbols (542 PCS™ Symbols and 542 PCS™ Sign Language Symbols - ASL/SEE) 

Contains: Adjectives (69), Body & Clothes (63), Foods (93), Animals (66), Actions & Emotions (100) and People, Places, Things (151)

Wendy has had a great week with her students.  TGIF!!

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