Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let's have a dance party -- get the family up, moving and smiling with Disney Junior DJ Shuffle

I love to dance. I have loved to dance for as long as I can remember. There is something so comforting about feeling the beat of music deep in my soul and moving my body to it. So naturally we do a lot of movement in this house. Our music player is currently in the kitchen and the girls will often run to it and ask for music. For a while we were blasting the soundtrack to Frozen and acting out the parts, and while this is still a popular choice, the new favorite is the Disney Junior DJ Shuffle disc. With songs the girls know from their beloved shows and beats that get even the sleepiest feet moving - the songs are a win-win in my opinion.

If you'd like to download the entire album of Disney Junior DJ Shuffle ($9.99), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs and click this button:

Or, if you would like to just download our new favorite dance song -- DJ Shuffle ($0.99) click here:

Now you are ready for a super fun dance party. Crank the tunes up and be as silly as you can. I find that showing my kids I'm comfortable with myself by bouncing around and laughing teaches them more about self-esteem and confidence then I could ever hope to verbally impart. I really want to capture my kids bouncing around and dancing on video, but I cannot seem to sit still long enough to get the whole song recorded.

I am always looking for more appropriate dance music for the kids. I avoid songs with foul language and although K-Bear seems to love Taylor Swift, Mama can only take so much "Never-ever-ever singing!" Please help us compile a great list and add your favorites in the comments below.

Here's just a snip-it of K-Bear showing her moves.

List of songs included on the album listed below. There are 29 full length songs for the low price of $9.99. That comes out to less than $0.35 per song!

1 DJ Shuffle by Parry Gripp
2 Sofia the First Main Title Theme (feat. Sofia)
3 Blue Ribbon Bunny (feat. Clover) from Sofia the First
4 Friendship Is the Formula from Sofia the First
5 Hoppin' Out With You (feat. Clover & Sofia) from Sofia the First
6 Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Swashbucklin' Version)
7 Roll Up the Map from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
8 Bubbly Blue from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
9 Swamp Stomp from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
10 Time for Your Check Up from Doc McStuffins
11 Ready for Action from Doc McStuffins
12 Picture You from Doc McStuffins
13 Stuffy the Great from Doc McStuffins
14 Hot Dog! from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
15 Choo Choo Boogie from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
16 Minnie's Bowtique from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
17 Henry Hugglemonster Main Title
18 I've Got Pizzazz from Henry Hugglemonster
19 To Monsterschool from Henry Hugglemonster
20 The Hugglemonster Way from Henry Hugglemonster
21 Heromonsters Woohoo! from Henry Hugglemonster
22 Sheriff Callie’s Wild West Theme Song
23 Picture Perfect from Sheriff Callie's Wild West
24 Amazing Lucky Scarf from Sheriff Callie's Wild West
25 Ask for Help from Sheriff Callie's Wild West
26 DJ Shuffle (Karaoke Instrumental) from DJ Shuffle
27 Blue Ribbon Bunny (Karaoke Instrumental) from Sofia the First
28 Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Swashbucklin' Version) (Karaoke Instrumental)
29 Time for Your Check Up (Karaoke Instrumental) from Doc McStuffins

Amanda is an all-star dancer in her own head, but notice she isn't featured in the video above.

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