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Nine apps by Smarty Ears on sale for Better Hearing and Speech Month

Feeling a little blue now that our exciting month of giveways and discounts for Autism Awareness month has come to a close? Cheer up, May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM). The theme of BHSM this year is "Communication Disorders are Treatable". As a speech language pathologist, I love raising awareness about communication disorders and spreading the word about apps that can help children with communication delays. Smarty Ears specializes in educational apps designed by speech-language pathologists and teachers to promote speech and language skills. To celebrate BHSM they are offering a discount on nine of their apps. The sale begin April 29 and runs until 10 PM on May 5. Don't miss out on these great deals.

If you'd like to download one (or all) of the discounted apps below, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the link provided.

Articulate it 

Articulate it! is a unique multi-player application created specifically to help children improve their speech sound production. Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist, Articulate it! contains over 1000 images selected for working on English consonant sounds at the word and phrase level. Perfect for all levels of articulation/phonology therapy; potential targets include consonants, digraphs, and consonant clusters. Articulate it! is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad making it the perfect app for the busy speech-language pathologist, teacher, or parent.

(iphone/iPad, reduced from $38.99 to $28.99)

Articulation Scenes
Articulation Scenes brings articulation practice to a whole new level! This app, developed and designed by a certified speech language pathologist allows children to practice their sounds with a variety of engaging and fun activities centered around the cinema theme. Based on scenes, Articulation Scenes provides numerous opportunities for children to pronounce their sounds more clearly. All activities were beautifully designed around the theme of cinema and movies for a fun and interesting learning activity. 
Articulation Scenes comes with 72 stunning built-in scenes and over 1200 practice words. Each scene contains 4 separate activities: 
1.Find the hidden items: Allows children the opportunities to listen to targeted words and find them on each scene. 
.Tap and say it: Children tap on the items on the scene, which are isolated allowing the therapist to track and monitor their productions. 
3.The movie theater: Children get the opportunity to listen to a story using the target words. 
4.The production room: This is the activity that allows children to either create their own stories, record them and continue to practice. 

Articulation Scenes includes all consonants in the English language:
  [ p, m , h, w, n, b, d, y, t, k , g, ng, f, ch, j , l , r, v, s, z, sh, th]  

(iPad only, $29.99 to $19.99)

Apraxia Ville
Apraxia Ville is a unique application created specifically to help children with childhood apraxia of speech and severe speech-sound disorders. With multiple levels, both vowel and consonant targets, and the ability to create custom words, Apraxia Ville is perfect for those students struggling with sound production. Designed by certified speech-language pathologists, Apraxia Ville provides video modeling of consonants and vowels, word targets by syllable structure (CV, VC, CVC & CVCV), customization of targets, and progress monitoring making it perfect for use by SLPs, special educators, and parents alike. 

 (iPad only, reduced from $29.99 to $19.99)

  iPractice Verbs
iPractice Verbs is an app developed to help children learn and practice basic English verbs in a variety of levels (word, phrase, sentence) and tense forms (present, present progressive & past tense). iPractice Verbs was designed by a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist to serve as a tool for children with language delays and as a tool for children and adults learning English as a second language. iPractice Verbs is very intuitive to use and it is compatible with the Therapy Report Center ( A FREE caseload management application). iPractice Verbs allows for multiplayer activities and it contains two activities: Flashcard & Find it. 

This app contains over 158 regular & irregular verbs in the present, present progressive, and past tense with corresponding high quality images and audio (totaling to over 1000 stimuli). Practicing verbs and verb tenses has never been so easy or intuitive.  

(iPhone/iPad,  $9.99 to $4.99)

Language Trainer
Language Trainer was created specifically to help individuals improve their mastery of spoken language. Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist, Language Trainer is perfect for working on vocabulary, word finding, stuttering, and receptive or expressive language therapy. Language Trainer compliments and facilitates the work of the busy speech-language pathologist or caregiver. Language Trainer includes four activities within one application. The first activity is Picture Identification and with nearly 300 high-quality images, it provides an opportunity for practicing auditory identification of commonly used items. The Picture Naming activity provides the opportunity to practice verbal production of the items seen in Picture Identification while naming the image presented. The third activity, Divergent Naming, is purely expressive and includes both categorization and expressive language components by asking the individual to name items that fall within a specific category or function. Sentence Completion provides the opportunity to practice sentence production by completing the sentence provided and allows for multiple correct responses per sentence. Picture Naming, Divergent Naming, and Sentence Completion all provide a built-in audio recorder to encourage and assist with fluency, self-monitoring, and skill discussion.

(iPhone/iPad, $14.99 to $9.99)

R Intensive 
rIntensive SLP was developed as a result of “intensive” requests made by our Speech Therapists. Smarty Ears is aware of the high incidence of students seen for their difficulties with /r/.
Fully redesigned since it’s initial release, R-intensive is the most engaging, and comprehensive go-to application for children who need a tool for practicing the production of the phoneme /r/ at the word, phrase, and sentence level. 

R Intensive contains 3 exciting activities: 
1.Flashcards: Allows practice of the r at the word, phrase, and sentence levels. Multiplayer mode supports 1-4 players with individual targets for each student. 
2.Matching game: 4x5 rows of cards (20 card decks) make working on your favorite type of R a skill of memory and articulation. Supports 1-4 players per game. 
3.Guess What game: students will have fun guessing which R word is described, while at the same time practicing their articulation. If the description clue is ever too difficult simply tap on the hidden image to reveal the answer. Supports 1-4 players.   

(iPhone/iPad, $19.99 to $14.99)

Sunny Articulation Phonology Test Kit
The SAPT is able to provide a very detailed picture of a child's articulation skills immediately after the assessment. Standardized assessment provides a limited picture of a child’s phonetic and phonemic inventory. (Elbert & Gierut, 1986). The Sunny Articulation & Phonology Test (SAPT) can be used to identify articulation errors patterns in children as well as adults, while supplementing data obtained from standardized assessments. The Sunny Articulation Test (SAPT) is an individually administered clinical tool for screening, identification, diagnosis and follow-up evaluation of articulation skills in English speaking individuals.   

(iPhone/iPad, $49.99 to $39.99)

Preposition Remix
Preposition Remix was created specifically to help children improve their mastery of spoken language. Designed by a certified speech-language pathologist, Preposition Remix contains hundreds of carefully selected high-quality images. Perfect for working on the skills needed to understand the relationship between nouns/pronouns and other words, Preposition Remix will help children and English language learners gain the skills needed to follow directions and create grammatically correct sentences.  

(iPhone/iPad, $9.99 to $6.99)


Syntax City
Syntax City is a state-of-the-art application designed by Barbara Fernandes, M.S; CCC-SLP, that targets a variety of grammatical elements in fun and engaging ways for elementary and middle school children. The theme sets the tone for children visiting a variety of places within our town. 

Each location within the city targets a different set of goals:
 -Gym: Do/Does 
-Beach: Third person singular agreement 
-Bakery: Was/Were 
-Ski Resort: He/ She 
-Farm: Past tense verb agreement 
-Grocery: Has/Have -Park: Is/Are 
-Zoo: Regular and Irregular Plurals

(iPad only,  $19.99 to $9.99)

Sarah already owns four of these apps and is excited to stretch her requisition dollars with this great sale. 

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