Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review and Giveaway: QR Code ID for loved ones prone to wandering

Oh boy, we have a really nice giveaway for you to enter! QR Code ID is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping reunite loved ones who are prone to wandering. Their handy sew-on patches, pins and clothing (designed by folks with special needs) add one more tool in a caregiver's box to help make sure everyone comes home safe and sound. Simply create an account, enter the code and information is readily available by scanning the code or typing in the code manually. Read on to see how this works and how to enter.

I was more than happy to moonlight here at Smart Apps for Special Needs so I could take a closer look at these patches. My six year-old son has classic autism and is prone to wandering. Though my son uses a GPS bracelet, I really like the idea of a simple tool that anyone can use and help make separations end as quickly as possible. Here is how it works: Users create a free account at the QRCodeID website. This step involves basic information such as names, phone numbers, addresses and photos. Once the account has been created, your QR code can be added to the account and settings allow how much information is available on the public page. For instance, just listing first names, a photo of the loved one and a cell phone number. There is a private area accessible by passcode as well in case medical information or special needs care instructions like things to calm down the individual, favorite foods and dislikes can be stored.

I was sent five different colored sew-on patches to play with. I am not handy with a needle and thread, so my sewing job will not be pictured, but if you're handy with a sewing machine, no problem for you. The patch washes extremely well and the number placement and website on the patch also guarantee that the website can always be located  even if the code gets messed. If you're like me though and your patch will look like an unwilling participant, you are in luck because the site offers several alternatives that get you off the hook -- or in this case, needle and thread. T-shirts, hoodies and even collared shirts are available for purchase with the codes already in place, ranging in price from $16.00 to $37.00. A really nice touch on the shirts are designs created by special needs individuals or users can create their own designs, so there is something to suit everyone's tastes. If you're looking for something that can be moved around, there are also pins, magnets, badge clips, adhesive and velcro priced from $5.00 to $5.25 and come in sets.

I put the whole process through the motions and I think this is another great item for special needs
 caregivers like myself to have for outings like trips to the zoo, super grocery stores or theme parks. The information entered at the website can be changed in real-time, so accurate information is always available. I also really liked the separation of public and private information so users don't have to worry about random strangers scanning their loved ones for kicks. If that wasn't enough, knowing I can buy products with the code in place already instead of sewing made me a really happy mom.

Now for the giveaways! We have two for you to enter: one is open worldwide for FOUR QR Code ID patches and the other is open to U.S. only for two QR Code ID patches and a T-shirt! Enter below (There are 2 Rafflecopters, so enter the appropriate one or both) and Good luck!

Cynthia is a stay-home mom who plays the part of writer online.

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