Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sick of sick - is anybody else done with germs?

Armed with my large can of Lysol spray in one arm and a pump bottle of Purell in the other, I feel somewhat ready to take on my day. Please tell me I am not the only one out there that feels this way. Take this week for example. I have three children. Number one gets sick frequently and we're used to it in one way or another. Number two really never gets sick, but when she does -- watch out. Number three has been chronically ill for the last six months with the same croupy cough. It is a holiday week, the kids are preparing to be off school for a week on vacation and our pediatrician is on vacation - a recipe for the girls to get sick and so it happened.

Number two went down and she went down hard. Three visits to the emergency room and an admission to the hospital and she's still not back to 100%. While she was so sicks, number one and number three both spiked high fevers. Yikes! I have done what feels like five-million loads of laundry. I've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. I've been pouring as much liquid as possible down there throats to avoid another hospital admission. I've cracked windows all over the house to try and allow some fresh air in even if it means wearing an extra jacket while inside.

This winter has seemed particularly harsh on the kiddos immune systems and on the parents' nerves. So we play games, we read books, we do quiet activities, we watch more movies then we ever thought possible and we try to breathe. Left on the docket this week is a tonsil and adenoid surgery for number three on Wednesday and teeth pulling for number one on Friday.

Amanda felt the need to type this out so she didn't forget something that needed to happen this week.

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