Friday, May 23, 2014

Acceptance is the truest form of beauty

Little Miss M. recently started an adaptive dance class. This is a remarkable class with a very talented teacher and teen mentors from a local ballet company. Words escaped me as I watched the end of term performance the other night. I felt tears welling up behind my eyes, and fought to not have them fall. However, the tears weren't there because I was sad that my girl couldn't keep up, or because of sadness at all. The tears were there because I felt a part of something truly beautiful and amazing.

What I was witnessing was the raw beauty of true acceptance. Young people of all shapes and sizes and ability levels were all dancing together, sharing smiles and squeals of joy. The steps may not have been perfect, the children may have been doing their own thing at times, but you could feel this amazing sense of awe and wonder in the room around us.

Once again, I have learned something from my eight-year old daughter. Acceptance doesn't need words or fancy banners just as beauty isn't defined by perfection. What we found in this amazing dance class is a puzzle where every piece fits and the picture is ever changing and always beautiful. Little Miss M has been begging to dance and she loves to perform, but the traditional dance class we had her enrolled in as a tot was getting too difficult. By finding a way for her to do what she loves and be accepted for who she is we truly struck gold! Just take a look at the smile, I think it speaks for itself!

Amanda loves adaptive classes that make the arts accessible for everyone.

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