Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Discount Alert: Pocket SLP is offering $20 in savings on three great apps. Save 75%

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Pocket SLP has discounted three of their popular speech-language therapy apps in honor of the third week of Better Hearing and Speech Month. Target twelve of the most common phonological processes with Pocket Pairs. Expand your child's receptive and expressive language skills with Category Carousel, or work on specific language skills through the interactive ebook app, Pocket Lexi. Purchase all three and save $20, but hurry this sale is for a limited time only!

If you would like to download on or all of the Pocket SLP apps, please show your support for Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the links provided.

Pocket Pairs
“Pocket SLP – Minimal Pairs” offers two different activities to help improve phonological processes. A “Receptive Mode” which requires students to identify which of the words in the pair contains their target sound(s) and an “Expressive Mode” where they are cued to say both words. Data tracking buttons are provided for therapists, parents, and teachers to enter whether the response was correct, incorrect, or approximate. Highly detailed diagrams provide side-by-side images that highlight correct/incorrect tongue positioning. Finally, and most spectacular for therapists-Pocket SLP has taken data collection and sharing to a whole new level, by offering three highly specific report formats that are sure to impress: 

 Spreadsheet – complete with names, dates, processes, percentages, and raw scores. 

 Report Card – A table with accuracy percentages and the exact word pairs that were scored as “correct, incorrect, or approximate”. This “Report Card” also has the long-awaited and most useful option to include “homework text” which describes specifically what and how to practice at home! Comment boxes for parents and therapists are provided too! That’s right, Pocket SLP – Minimal Pairs creates individualized, readymade homework that can be printed (requires OS 4.0+) or emailed at the touch of a button! 

 Line Graph – A color coded graph visually demonstrates the percentages of any/all processes over the last five sessions.

(iPhone/iPad, $19.99 to 4.99)

Category Carousel 
Whether you are a speech language pathologist or a parent you will find the Category Carousel app a fun way to increase and enhance a child's vocabulary. The ability to categorize and subcategorize words and concepts is a skill necessary to build, store, and retrieve words leading to better comprehension and expressive language skills. 

 Choose a category (or multiple categories) and let children touch the pictures, hear the word, and then sort them by dragging them into various categories. Once pictures have been dragged into a category users can touch the category and watch it split into sub-categories, encouraging the child to think about words in multiple ways. Audio reinforcement and correction are included in this fun and educational app. 

(iPhone/iPad, $9.99 to $4.99)

Pocket Lexi
Pocket Lexi is a unique eBook reader application designed specifically for educational and therapeutic purposes; however, the entertainment value of the books will serve those who have no educational deficiencies and will strengthen language skills. Pocket Lexi comes with it’s own eBook store containing books prepared with features supported by the reader application. Reading functionality is provided with swiping gestures. The app also includes an index for moving to different pages and it allows for bookmarking. 

 Each eBook contains interactive features targeted for specific language skills. The first eBook is embedded in the application and concentrates on figurative language, word replacements, and reading comprehension. Each interactive activity is scored in the background as the reader progresses. Quantitative reports are provided which can be viewed an analyzed within the application. Student record keeping is supported with all books.

(iPad only, $9.99 to $4.99 with in-app purchases)

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