Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free App Alert: Speech Sounds For Kids and Speech Sounds on Cue FREE! Save $49!

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Wow! Speech Sounds For Kids regularly $24.99 and Speech Sounds on Cue regularly $23.99 have both been discounted to FREE on May 14 for Apraxia Awareness Day.  Multimedia Speech Pathology has developed apps perfect for speech therapists that also has wonderful content for teachers and parents working on phonics, phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination. Separate versions are available for the US and Australia. These apps are a must have for those working with preschool and early elementary students on speech sounds and/or emergent literacy skills.

If you would like to download these apps (iPad only), please show your support for Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the handy links provided:

Speech Sounds for Kids (FREE, regularly $24.99)
US Version                     Australian Version

Speech Sounds on Cue (FREE, regularly $23.99)
US Version                     Australian Version

No ads or in-app purchases. External links to email and a YouTube video by the developer.
From iTunes for Speech Sounds for Kids:
Speech Sound for Kids is an app for promoting phonemic awareness, auditory discrimination and speech sound production using a multi-sensory approach. This app can provide many hours of speech therapy and early literacy programming. 

It is recommended for children aged approximately 4 years – 7 years, however younger and older children may find it useful depending on their individual needs. The app helps children produce and explore the 22 consonant sounds of English using a multi-sensory approach. It also allows for the users’ results to be recorded and sent to their therapist or teacher. It’s perfect for home practice! 

Each of the sounds is represented by a friendly little character called a Sound Buddy. With the help of the Sound Buddies, children learn to identify, discriminate and produce each sound – and they start to learn letter-links too! The program has a strong emphasis on developing phonemic awareness and articulatory awareness too.

Animated stories, videos of a child’s mouth saying the sound and Hand sound cues are all provided to help the child learn each sound. The child can record the sound or word and listen to how they went, and these recordings can be saved to monitor progress.

From iTunes for Speech Sounds on Cue:
Speech therapy treatment software for articulation difficulty caused by apraxia of speech or other speech difficulties. The aim of this app is to increase the intensity of treatment for people with apraxia, combining J. Rosenbek's integral stimulation approach with B. Hill's carrier phrase facilitation drills. 

This application shows how to produce speech sounds and words and encourages speech, even in people with severe speech difficulties. This easy to use iPad application contains over 500 videos, sound clips and colour photos designed to help adults and children to produce the consonant speech sounds in isolation, in words and in sentences. Now includes recording, playback, rhyming words and randomisation. 

This software is especially helpful to those who need to hear and see a sound made, for example, patients with motor speech difficulty due to speech apraxia (verbal or oral apraxia affecting speech). 

Provides multimedia full-motion video cues, for independent speech practice. Cues are for individual phonemes (sounds) as well as full words. 

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