Thursday, May 29, 2014

Free App for learning sign language: Sign Me A Story

Looking for some easy teaching ideas before the school year ends? Sign Me A Story is a cute app to teach basic sign language while watching an animated story. The story is great for kids with autism, Down Syndrome, language disorders or hearing loss. The students can practice reading skills or have the stories read aloud.

If you would like to download Sign Me A Story (iPhone/iPad, Free), please show your support by using our link:

First story comes free. The second story is available to purchase for $1.99.

The Sign Me a Story app has interactive, animated stories with pop-up videos to teach individual signs. The first story, GreenBeanies - One Cool Cat, teaches fourteen signs including: morning, day, eat, happy, home, hat, cat, dog, tree, walk, backpack, finished, moon and sleep. A second story, GreenBeanies - Two Magical Hats, can be purchased for $1.99. This story will teach an additional twelve signs. 

GreenBeanies - One Cool Cat can either be read aloud to the student or read by the student. When the green underlined words are touched, a young girl will appear on a video to demonstrate the sign.  A list of the signs can be accessed from the main home page.  The list can be used for pre-teaching or practice after the story.

The story also includes a lot of vocabulary that could be discussed in addition to the signs being taught. It is a cute story featuring a magical hat and a cat that is to be continued in the second story (available through in-app purchase).

From iTunes:

Sign Language has never been so exciting! GreenBeanies-One Cool Cat is a fun animated story with pop-up videos. The first story teaches 14 signs: Morning, Day, Eat, Happy, Home, Hat, Cat, Dog, Tree, Walk, Backpack, Finished, Moon and Sleep. Practice reading skills or enjoy having the story read to you. Continue the adventure with the second story: GreenBeanies' -Two Magical Hats. Learn 12 more signs as our quirky characters tackle more challenges in the wilderness. Children enjoy learning signs through these highly-interactve stories. This app series is perfect for all children but most especially for those with special needs and/or language/hearing challenges.

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