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Hearing Aid TicTacToe is a fun app that teaches children about their hearing aid

Are you working on self-advocacy for your student who has a hearing loss? Do your students know all the parts and functions of their hearing aids? Do they know how to tell someone what is wrong with their hearing aids?  Do they know if the battery needs changing?

Hearing Aid TicTacToe by Rule the School addresses questions about your child or student’s hearing aid in a fun game. Knowing how to label the parts of their hearing aid and the functions increase children's independence as they get older. This app is designed for the school aged child.  

If you would like to download Hearing Aid TicTacToe (iPhone/iPad, $8.99), please show your support by using our link:

A link to the developers' website is included.


For a student who is deaf or hard of hearing being properly amplified is essential in a classroom. Without proper hearing, a student can easily miss some if not all that is said during class. If a child is unable to explain that their hearing aid is not working properly then an entire day of learning can be lost. Fostering independence and self-advocacy as early as possible is very important for every child.
The Hearing Aid TicTacToe game is for 2-4 players. The option tab at the beginning of the app allows users to choose not only the players but if they want pictures, labels or functions during the game. At the easiest level the game shows a picture for the child to match on the card. If the correct answer is selected on the card then the button moves to the next player. Each player is color-coded and is identified on the right of the screen. A round colored circle shows on the picture identified using the player’s color. The winner is declared once three spots in a row are earned.

For more advanced users and readers, the game can also show the name of the part. At the most difficult level the game shows the function.  

At any time, the answer tab is available to show all three parts to the question to allow the student to see the relationship. This includes the picture, label and function. Players will not lose their place in the game.

This would also be a great time to have children discuss how their hearing aid is different from the one in the app and why. Having the students take off their hearing aids to compare or even draw a picture with labels can be an excellent follow-up activity.

The developer of the app has created a handout that links to the IEP expectations for the Common Core ELA Standards.  Please check out her website at There is also a data sheet and a lot of other great apps and board games that address hearing loss, in school.  

From iTunes:

Hearing Aid TicTacToe

Students with hearing loss will learn the basic vocabulary and functions of the parts of their hearing aids to report problems. This ability is important to develop to assure that a student with hearing loss has equal access in the classroom as mandated by IDEA 2004. This is a fun way to learn about hearing aids using picture, label or function card decks. A Matching Game is also included for a total of four different games. Answers are provided. Data sheet and sample IEP goals can be downloaded from the website.

Appropriate for Grades: Preschool – 8
Number of Players: 2-4

At Rule the School we believe in fostering the independence of students with hearing loss through self-advocacy. Visit us at

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