Monday, May 12, 2014

Pinterest board of the week: Science -- apps and hands on activities to explore the world

Summer vacation is approaching rapidly and I am starting to look for educational ways to entertain my children for the three months they are out of school. After years of hearing, "I'm bored," one thing that seems to bust the boredom the fastest is science experiments. I am so relieved to have resources such as Pinterest to help me find fun, simple and educational science experiments. From apps, books, websites and experiments, our Pinterest Science board is full of ideas. Head over to give it a look and follow it and our many other useful Smart Apps for Special Needs' Pinterest boards.

Some children struggle with abstract ideas and concepts. Often times, seeing and experiencing first hand how something works can help solidify a lesson. Science experiments can help children build a strong foundation and love for science as well as critical thinking.

Follow Smart Apps for Special Needs's board Science on Pinterest.

Rachel H's kids love when she cleans out the coffee maker with vinegar because then they create a volcano in the kitchen sink. They dump one cup of baking soda in the sink and then pour the heated vinegar for fun chemical reaction and super clean drains.

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