Saturday, May 10, 2014

Smarty Ears Sale Part 2 -- Six different apps on sale for BHSM

Smarty Ears offered a discount on nine great apps to kick off Better Hearing and Speech month. That sale ended last week, but they are discounting SIX different apps now through May 14. All Smarty Ears apps are designed by speech language pathologists and teachers to address a variety of communication skills. Stretch your app buying budget by taking advantage of one or all of these great deals, but hurry the sale won't last long. Over $60 in savings available.

If you'd like to download one or more of these apps, please show your support for Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the links provided.

Custom Boards - Premium
Custom Boards Premium is an evidence based app designed to serve as a board and activity creator for speech therapists, teachers, special education and parents of children who need symbols to communicate and learn. Custom Boards includes over 11 thousand built in symbols from the Smarty Symbols library and the ability to add your own photos. 

 Custom Boards allows you to select from a pool of templates in six areas: Devices& Switches, Grids & Boards, Schedules, Activities, Signs, Labels & Worksheets. The Premium version offers a total of 126+ Templates.

(iPad only, $39.99 to $19.99)

Language Adventures Pro
Language Adventures, now updated with additional content targeting categories, inferences, and wh-questions, is a new spin on your old speech and language game boards! Language Adventures is a first-of-its-kind app that allows you to engage students in a contextual language intervention experience on your iPad! Through an exciting interface and bright, colorful graphics, students will develop language skills in areas for success in school. 

All the basics of game play- player selection, dice rolling, and token moving- have been transformed for the iPad platform. Additionally, the app allows you to select from three levels of difficulty appropriate for elementary through high school-aged students, with accompanying school-based themes and vocabulary contexts, and save your students’ targets and progress over repeated plays. Question targets are related to the topics of each leveled game board (playground, cafeteria, and classroom), so that they are grounded in a stronger context to enhance students’ comprehension, semantic connections and use of more complex vocabulary. Language Adventures is based on research regarding language development and use of context clues to increase overall language skills, reading comprehension, and academic success. Research has indicated that targeting vocabulary facilitates reading comprehension and oral language skills (Dole, Sloan, and Trathen, 1995). The questions within Language Adventures are presented within real-world themes providing context clues to assist in learning vocabulary. By providing context-based questions and a thematic approach, Language Adventures assists children in strengthening word connections and developing meaningful concepts (Hickman, et al. 2004). Within the content of Language Adventures, the child is provided with meaningful learning activities related to their own experiences and encouraged to use student-friendly definitions of words within the app, which enhance language comprehension and production (Beck, et al., 2002). 

(iPad only, $24.99 to $9.99)

Basic Concepts Skills Screener - Rated 5 stars by Smart Apps for Kids
Basic Concepts Skill Screener (BCSS) is a quick, motivational screening tool created to help assess the basic concept skills in children. Designed by certified speech-language pathologists, BCSS uses technology to engage clients while assessing their school readiness skills. Perfect for all levels from preschool to early elementary, BCSS assesses the concept skills needed for pre-reading and math skills. The Basic Concepts Skills Screener is sure to be a great app for the busy speech-language pathologist, teacher, parent, or caregiver.

(iPad only, $14.99 to $9.99)

Language Empires
Greetings from Language Empires! Although we are divided into many kingdoms we are united in helping all learners of language. Each empire helps you master an important element of communication. You will find the right words can often unlock many closed doors and open up even more opportunities. Language Empires was developed by two Speech-Language Pathologists and it utilizes the ancient civilizations theme to guide you and your students on learning specific language targets. This application designed for elementary age students targets 8 goals: Answering how, why, and which questions, inferencing, vocabulary, predicting and figurative language, and sequencing. 

With an eye catching interface, animations and colorful graphics, students will triumph in developing language skills in areas for success in school. 

(iPad only, $24.99 to $14.99)

Reading Comprehension Camp
Reading Comprehension Camp is a multi-purpose app specifically designed to encourage language growth and reading comprehension. With multiple levels, 50 stories, and the ability to create personal stories this comprehensive app is perfect for students struggling with comprehension. The in-app data collection makes this app perfect for progress monitoring. Teachers, Reading Specialists, and Speech-Language Pathologists will love the customization, the graphed data, and the skills targeted. Students will love the engaging stories, creative art work, and the virtual awards that can be earned. 

(iPad only, $19.99 to $10.99)

Social Quest
Social Quest is an application developed by author and Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) Rosie Simms to improve pragmatic language comprehension and expression in a variety of social situations for older elementary, middle school, and high school-aged populations. Social Quest uses real life situations and contextual images to present the professional, parent and student with ‘’jumping off’ points for discussing the “why” and “how” of social language usage. The app utilizes a problem-solving quest theme in which students navigate various locations and earn “rewards” linked to social competencies.

(iPad only, $21.99 to $15.99)

Sarah is now feeling sad about all those snow days that at the time seemed so awesome.

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