Thursday, May 1, 2014

Timbuktu Pizza uses pizza and monsters to help teach following directions for FREE!

Pizza! Pizza! Come and make your pizza! Create one of three choices from Timbuktu Pizza then see if Eegor the Monster likes it and find out what happens if he doesn't! This is a great FREE app that easily entertain your child. The app can be upgraded to the full version to include 10 recipes.

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If you would like to download Timbuktu Pizza (iPhone/iPad, FREE), please show your support by using our link:
In-app purchase is to upgrade to the pro version for $3.99.  It is protected by a grown-up, 2 step, password.

In this restaurant app, the child becomes chef Oscar who is required to make a pizza with specific ingredients. The list of pizza toppings is on a drop down recipe with pictures for kids who can't read. The goal is to create the pie just right for Eegor. He is the one who decides if it is to his liking -- watch out if it isn't to his taste! Having a child follow directions is only one way this app can be used.

At first, I used this game as a reward, at the end of a session.  My students loved to see Eegor's reactions. Now, I have started using it to work on auditory memory.  I will read the ingredients to my student and see how many things they can remember. Depending on the ability of the child, I can have them remember a few of the items and build up to whole list. With only five or six ingredients it is possible for a student to develop and improve their auditory memory. To add to the challenge, he can learn to recall the items in order. Vocabulary for cooking and healthy ingredients can all be taught, too.

Once the kids have mastered the the pizzas, the app can be upgraded to the full app with 10 classic pizzas and 16 ingredients for $3.99. There is plenty of content available with the free version to keep kids entertained while feeding Eegor their pizza creations.

From iTunes:
Learn how to make a real Italian pizza and become a real Pizza Chef! 1. Choose between 3 classic Italian pizzas!
2. Serve the pizza you create to Eegor the monster and see if he likes it!
3. Win a Pizza Chef certificate with your picture!

3 classic Italian pizzas
14 deliciously healthy ingredients!
Kid-friendly interface
Fantastic original artwork!
Fantastic original music!

Timbuktu Pizza is a beautiful digital toy where you and your kids will learn how to make a real Italian pizza. What goes in a real Margherita? Does Marinara have mozzarella? Why does Eegor the monster throw the pizza at you?

Timbuktu makes digital toys for creative learning. We promote imagination as a tool to discover the world. Best of all, we do it through games that don't overstimulate children but let them learn through creative play in a peaceful and relaxing mode. All our products are designed in Milan and developed in San Francisco.

Wendy is happy she had pizza and wings for dinner.  After writing this post, she would have been craving pizza!

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