Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blast off with Grandpa in Space -- a top space themed educational app

Three... two... one... blast off on an out of this world adventure with Grandpa in Space. Anyone who is a fan of Grandma and Grandpa apps will absolutely love this latest app from Fairlady Media. Not only do children get to learn facts about our solar system, but they can practice math, sorting, rhyming and more on ten different space missions. With informative videos from NASA, space themed mini games and more, this app is out of this world!

If you'd like to download Grandpa in Space (iPad/iPhone, introductory sale price $1.99) please let them know we sent you by using our link:

My favorite thing about Grandpa in Space, other than the quality we expect in Fairlady Media apps, is that it teaches space facts as well as using the space theme throughout the app. Many apps have a farm animal, oceans or space theme, but do little to nothing to teach about the topic. Kids playing this app will learn about planets, as well as space vocabulary, shapes, basic addition, opposites, sorting, categorizing and more.

My son, as well as many children on the autism spectrum, can become extremely focused on a certain topic. This app is great for children fixated on outer space to those who show simple interest. The app blends information on planets with the mix of space themed mini-games to provide a well rounded educational app. My son loved both the informative videos as well as the chance to design and build his own simple rocket.

We have come to expect high quality, educational apps from the makers of Grandpa's Workshop, Grandma Loves Bugs (rated 4.5 Stars) and Grandma's Kitchen (rated 4.5 stars). This latest app is a welcomed addition to the Grandma and Grandpa apps.

From iTunes
Build a rocket, take off, and explore space with Grandpa! Travel to nine fascinating destinations in our solar system. Along the way, Grandpa and his alien friends need help fixing satellites, adding up aliens, blasting asteroids, sorting items in the ship, racing and landing UFOs, and much more! Grandpa in Space is packed with 10 mini-games and 18 instructional videos for kids ages 5 to 8.

Find out why kids LOVE this wacky educational space game!

1. Build a Rocket. Choose from sleek and shiny or totally silly rocket parts!
2. Alien Addition. Can you add up those wiggly alien legs?
3. Asteroid Blaster. Count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, or 10’s to blast the asteroids!
4. Clean up the Ship. Oh, no! The ship is filled with floating debris! Put it in the right bins!
5. Sort by Height. Can you line up the aliens, towers, and rockets by height?
6. Fix the Satellite. Oops, an asteroid damaged the satellite; can you fix all the parts?
7. Rhyme Race. Help the aliens win the UFO race by rhyming the words!
8. Opposites. Send each alien to the right home by matching up the opposites!
9. Memory Match. Use sound clues to help find matching aliens behind the planets!
10. Shape Lander. Can you land UFO on the trapezoid landing pad?

+ Ten educational mini-games.
+ Nine narrated “astronaut training videos” with real footage from NASA.
+ Nine narrated educational planet videos with photos and footage from NASA.
+ Thirty-six planet fun facts incorporated throughout game.
+ Fun interactive add-ins: give Grandpa a high five, eat a pizza planet, press the “red button”
+ Colorful graphics, professional-quality music, sound effects, and voices.
+ Funny and wacky Grandpa.
+ Adult can select which mini-games are active.
+ Developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents. Tested by children.

+ Extensive solar system information, including 36 planet facts and contextual information about space travel.
+ 18 key words for rhyming.
+ Count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s.
+ 20 pairs of advanced opposites, such as “strong-weak”.
+ Addition facts through 12.
+ Sorting and categorization.
+ Advanced shapes: octagon, rhombus, trapezoid, square, rectangle, circle, pentagon, hexagon, crescent, oval.
+ Memory: reveal aliens behind planets and match each pair from memory
+ Planning and coordination: use jet propulsion to accurately land UFO’s
+ Extensive space vocabulary, including sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, asteroid, comet, solar system, satellite, moon, crew, helmet, radio, gravity, meteor, axis, galaxy, planet, universe, nebula.

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