Thursday, June 12, 2014

CHAT Bag Giveaway - $35 value - Open Worldwide

Do you take your iPad on the go? Does your child need a better way to protect it and carry it around? The CHAT bag is a multi-padded, elasticated cover that even fits around protective cases like the Otterbox or Griffin. The adjustable straps mean the bag can be carried across the shoulder or as a handle and each bag is handmade. These are wonderful! You have a chance to win one for FREE! Who is excited now?

CHAT stands for Communication Has A Tool and this product allows children to use their iPad wherever they go. No matter where they go, the iPad can accompany them. These awesome cases are $35 for the iPad and $30 for the iPad Mini. The makers even take purchase orders for schools that want to purchase them.

You can find out more about the CHAT bag on their website. There are so many wonderful designs to choose from.

The winner will get their choice of 1 CHAT bag for either the Apple iPad ($35 value) or the Apple iPad Mini ($30 value).

The winner will be chosen on June 27th.

Heather S. learned about using these for Therapeutic Horseback Riding, and she was inspired. 

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