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Free App Alert! CommuniTrainer has gone FREE! This communications app is marked down from $179.99!

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CommuniTrainer has gone FREE!  This app is marked down from $179.99!
CommuniTrainer is designed to help individuals with their communications skills by measuring the duration of speech for each speaker in a discussion. The information is then presented to users in an easy-to-understand fashion. I can really see using this app on an individual basis to help my kids understand about not steamrolling a conversation.

If you’d like to download CommuniTrainer (currently FREE, for a limited time only), please use the handy link below so they’ll know who sent you.
Itunes link

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What’s free? Currently the whole kit and caboodle, but we don’t know for how long, so run get it while you can!

CommunitrainerFrom iTunes:
Do you listen more than you speak? CommuniTrainer can help you understand which is true, and ultimately help you improve your communicational skills.

By measuring the speech duration of each participant during a discussion, CommuniTrainer improves speech performance coaching by capturing every conversational interaction, and presents this information is an easy to understand manner.

CommuniTrainer is perfect for use with-in Universities, Businesses and Language Coaching.

Communitrainer 1Understanding the intricate interactions in a discussion is key to assisting with improving an individual's or team's presentation skills. CommuniTrainer measures, in fine detail, the duration of speech for each speaker, and calculates the percentage split between each speaker and the overall silence in any given discussion. Using this information, speakers can begin to improve their communicational skills, assisting them in captivating every audience they stand in front of.

Features Include:
* Log up-to six individual Speakers
* Session naming, including a handy description
* Easy to use layout and buttons
* Speech duration for each Speaker
* Percentage spoken for each Speaker
* Chronological Speaker splits

Communitrainer 3Feedback on our app is very important to us, so keep in touch & tell us about your experiences.

Please Note:
No personal information is collected via this app. Mobile/WiFi is only required should you wish to Rate our app, or Email us.

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