Thursday, June 12, 2014

FREE App — Learn American Sign Language with Marlee Signs

Looking for a way to improve your signing over the summer? Marlee Matlin, the Academy Award© winning Deaf actress, has an ASL app. Fingerspelling, numbers, possession, everyday signs, questions and conversation starters are all FREE in this great app.  There are five optional in-app purchases for additional lessons for $1.99 each.

If you would like to download Marlee Signs (iPhone/iPad, FREE), please show your support by using our link:

**In-app purchases are additional lesson packs that sell for $1.99 each.

Marlee Signs is a great app to practice signs and learn new phrases in American Sign Language (ASL). It is not a substitute for sign language classes, but can be an excellent resource to review and look up new signs.

The app is divided into four sections including About, Spell, Library, and Store. The About section provides some interesting information about Marlee and what the app is designed to provide. I really like the Spell section. Type in any word and the app provides real photos of each letter in the word. The real time feature of this app makes it one of the better signing apps that I have seen.

The Library section is where the free lessons are stored. The first lesson on "you" includes seven lessons for basic sign. Numbers, the alphabet, basic questions and conversation starters, possession and a few everyday signs are all demonstrated by Marlee Matlin. The signs can be easily replayed, seen in slow motion or displayed in a full screen on the iPad.

In the Store section includes five additional in-app purchases for $1.99 each. Each in-app purchase allows the user to see what signs are included in an easy-to-read index. The additional lessons include Around You, Home, Around Town, Around World, and Baby Signs.

This free app will be an excellent resource for parents, teachers and students.  Practice and learn new signs with Marlee!

From iTunes:

Learn American Sign Language with Marlee Signs© from Marlee Matlin – Academy Award© winning Deaf Actress.
Ever wanted to learn more about Sign Language? Marlee Signs© is for you.

• Apple’s “New & Noteworthy” section!
• The App Store’s #19 Top Free Education app!
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Marlee Signs© is the perfect app for learning to express yourself in American Sign Language. This app will teach you the fundamentals of ASL – from the signed alphabet and basic vocabulary through to common expressions in everyday life – using high-quality video demonstrations starring Marlee Matlin herself.

Each lesson is broken down into individual videos, making it easy to learn at your own pace. The app checks off completed lessons so that you can quickly pick up where you left off, and the “Slow Motion” setting enables you to watch any video in greater detail. You even get your first lesson pack free!

Need to spell something in signs? Let Marlee help you with the “Spell” section. This nifty feature shows you how to spell any word in signs. Simply type the word and watch Marlee spell it for you!

Marlee Signs© offers a library of useful lesson packs that will help build your understanding while motivating you to learn more. Tap into a dimension of new ideas, new perspectives and a new lens through which to view your world.

We are proud to call Marlee Signs a Shiny MEDL Object. You can see all of them at

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