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Free App List: 28 FREE apps from TVOKids!

Spelling My kids love, which is full of fun games, videos and activities.

That is why I was so excited when I realized that TVOKids has 28 apps that are ALWAYS free! My kids are going to love exploring these cool learning apps! Now to decide if I load them on the iPad all at once or slowly over time . . .

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Tvo TVOKids Word Racer (iPad only)
Vroom, vroom! Check out this high speed spelling game that teaches kids from 6-11 years old how to spell familiar words and new vocabulary! Unlock and upgrade your car as you play each race!

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TvokiTVOKids Space Trek Galaxy (6-11) (iPad only):
Using deductive reasoning and logic, your child will try to open all the blocks in the galaxy, but watch out for blocks with meteorites! If you click on a meteorite, your game will end. Space Trek Galaxy encourages the use of trial-and-error and perseverance - two very important skills for learning in all areas of the curriculum. 
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TvoTVOKids Tumbletown Mathletics (6-11) (iPad only):
When you combine math with athletics and your favourite Tumbletown Tales characters you get Tumbletown Mathletics, an exciting new way to practice math and exercise your brain! From addition and subtraction, to perimeter, fractions, and money values, Mathletics is a great tool. 
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TvokTVOKids Spelling Fleas (6-11) (iPad only):
Help your child gain the power and confidence to read and spell with five unique games featuring The Amazing Spelling Fleas.  Beat the clock to gain more points or play in practice mode. These mini-games focus on the following expectations of the Language curriculum: spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension and phonics. 
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HopTVOKids Hop Frog Hop (iPad only):
Hop, Frog, Hop, helps strengthen your child’s working memory skills. Working memory has been found to be strongly linked to many cognitive tasks, such as reading, writing and math. Research shows that improving working memory improves the opportunities for learning!
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RibbitTVOKids Ribbit Frog Ribbit (iPad only):
Ribbit, Frog, Ribbit, helps strengthen your child’s working memory skills. Working memory has been found to be strongly linked to many cognitive tasks, such as reading, writing and math. Research shows that improving working memory improves the opportunities for learning!
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ColorTVOKids Artbot Lite (iPad only):
Help your child learn about art concepts such as colour, shape, lines, texture and space. (Art, Grades 1 to 6.) Create your own artwork and save a gallery of your creations on your device.
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CakeTVOKids Cake Artist (iPhone/iPad):
Learn all about colour, texture, and colour value while you help Princess P serve delicious cakes to all her customers! Take the order, get the color right, choose the correct texture on the cake, and even decorate it!
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ToothTVOKIds Tooth Time (iPad ONLY):
Get your toothbrush ready, and start the music! The Brush Up song plays for a full two minutes; the time it takes to brush your teeth properly and help avoid cavities! Remember to collect your brushing sticker to put on your brushing calendar! Brushing teeth is fun and easy with the Brush Up Bunch!
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WandaTVOKids Wanda Wonder Words (iPhone/iPad):
SLPs, I squealed a little when I saw this picture in the iTunes store, and the app really is great to build vocabulary!
Playing the game Wanda Wonder Words helps your child meet many learning goals, including using reading strategies that are appropriate for beginning readers in order to make sense of a variety of written materials.
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WordsMelvin's Marvelous Words (iPhone, x2 iPad):
Melvin's Marvellous Words is a fun word-matching activity that teaches your early learner sight words.  The best way to learn sight words? Practice, practice, practice! Melvin’s Marvellous Words lets children find new sight words and recognize words they already know.
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MathTVOKids Math Castle (iPad only):
Playing Math Castle, a funny math version of the old-time favourite Chutes and Ladders, helps kids ages 6-11 (grades 2-6) practice their math operations skills. This game has a multi-player option, and begins with easy addition and subtraction, gradually increasing to include multiplication and division. 
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BeatTVOKids Keeping the Beat (iPhone/iPad):
Do you love music? Do you love nursery rhymes? This interactive musical literacy game for ages 2 – 6 is the perfect combination of learning about rhythm and beat to classic nursery rhymes. Follow along with the words and the beat of the song, while you try to keep the rhythm with Loosey Goosey.
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LettersTVOKids The Letter Tree (iPad only):
Oh no! The letter ‘r’ is missing from Gisèle’s Letter Tree. Can you help her find it? Reading has never been easier or more fun than with this great TVOKids ebook. Choose the option that is best suited to your child’s skills; Listen to Gisele read the story or reading on their own. 
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ExploreTVOKids Explore the Night (iPad only):
Discover the world outside using your magnifying glass, binoculars and telescope. Playing this game helps kids from 2-5 years old understand the natural world around them and the need to care for and respect the environment.
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GrowTVOKids Get Growing (iPad only):
New seeds added! Now plant pumpkins, radishes and squash in your garden. Get ready to grow a garden in Gisele’s Big Backyard with Tia. Dig a hole, plant the seeds, add some water and watch it grow! Get Growing is designed to entertain and educate, as well as teach children a little about patience! Fun game for ages 2 – 5.
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MannerTVOKids Mannerific (iPad only):
This game teaches 6-11 year olds how to have good manners. All TVOKids games and activities are based on the Ontario school curriculum, are student and teacher-tested and are developed in collaboration with TVO’s on-staff educator and other experts from across the province. 
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LookyTVOKids Looky Looky (iPad only):
How good are you at finding things? Test your ability to search for specific items before the time runs out, and collect cool badges! Good luck!
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SaleTVOKids Tumbleweed's Yard Sale (iPad only):
Playing Tumbleweed’s Yard Sale helps teach children how to make change, and count change, in a shopping scenario; two very important skills for learning about math and financial literacy. Wrapped in a hilarious comic-style e-book, Tumbleweed asks the player to draw on math skills to help him with his yard sale.
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MuffinsTVOKids The Mayor's Muffins (iPad only):
Have some tongue twisting fun along with the Reading Rangers in this interactive e-book. Whether you have the story read to you, or you choose to read the story by yourself, The Mayor’s Muffins is a fun and entertaining way for 6-9 year olds to practice their reading and have fun with words.
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RangerTVOKids Rangerpalooza (iPad only):
Rhyme along with the Reading Rangers while you read the Rangerpalooza interactive e-book!Whether you have the story read to you, or you choose to read the story by yourself, Rangerpalooza is a fun and entertaining way for 6-9 year olds to practice reading and rhyming skills!
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Math TVOKids Math Master (iPad only):
You too can have the title of Math Master! All you need is practice, practice, practice! This engaging app allows you to create quick number fact quizzes, and strengthen addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills for kids in grades 3-6.
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Match TVOKids Match-a Match-a Island (iPad only):
Visit Match-a Match-a Island where fun math games await kids ages 4 to 7. The objective of the first two games (of three in total that will be offered) is to match an original image to its rotated, non-reflected image. Rotations progress in angle-difficulty along with the level progression.
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Ranger TVOKids Reading Rangers (iPad only):
Solve crossword puzzles and create sentences with this 2-in-1 word game!

About TVOKids:Ontarians rate TVOKids as the most trusted and most educational media brand in Canada when it comes to delivering content to children.
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Sandy TVOKids Sandy Math (iPad only):
Uh oh! Crabby Crab’s sandcastle has been crashed down by the waves! Can you help him fix the sandcastles? This math game, focusing on geometry and spatial sense, teaches preschoolers about 3D figures; their labels, and how they appear when they are rotated.
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Giver Giver Playsets (iPad/iPhone):
Playsets is a fun, quick-paced match-three game themed around playground equipment. Players see an array of playground structures, and they must swap them in such a way that a string of three or more identical pieces are aligned.
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Giver1 Giver Playzelle (iPad/iPhone):
Playzelle is a simple but surprisingly challenging puzzle game where players must arrange playground items to match the accompanying blueprint before time runs out. Players are shown a number of playground items, and they must rotate groups of four of them either clockwise or counterclockwise to match the specified design.
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Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.16.18 PM 2-Phone Virtual Ping Pong (iPhone/2x iPad):
Ping Pong lovers of all ages, this FREE 2 Phone Virtual Ping Pong app for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 users only, is for you! Grab a second iPhone user, have both players download the app and find some space. Presto! Your iPhone magically turns into a ping pong paddle. Any physical space can now be turned into your very own table tennis arena.
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IMG_0901Heather H. is relaxing after she spent the day reorganizing the kids' play area in her house.

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