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Free Common Core Aligned App: World's Worst Pet — Vocabulary

Are you looking for apps aligned to Common Core Standards that children in upper elementary through junior high would actually enjoy playing? World's Worst Pet — Vocabulary is a free app chock full of research based content. It features more than 1,000 tier two words divided into six levels in four engaging games. Tier two vocabulary consists of high frequency words that occur across a variety of domains. This type of vocabulary is critical for good reading comprehension. This app is brought to you by Curriculum Associates, which publishes research based classroom materials designed to meet individual state standards. World's Worst Pet — Vocabulary is a must have app for teachers and parents working to increase vocabulary and comprehension skills.

If you would like to download World's Worst Pet — Vocabulary (iPad only, FREE) please show your support for Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the link provided:

No ads or in-app purchases.  External links to other i-Ready products offered by the developer behind a parent/teacher tab.


Snargg, the world's worst pet, keeps running away and users need to navigate through vocabulary games to chase him down. This app is designed for children in grades 4-8, but could be useful for younger or older children depending on their needs. Children earn rewards as they move through levels, but the games are motivating rather than babyish.

Vocabulary is presented in sets of ten and targets loads of language concepts including: synonyms, antonyms, multiple meanings, categorization, wh-questions and more. The app offers multiple exposure to targets in different contexts and the vocabulary sets are related and supported by kid-friendly explanations/definitions. A writing prompt at the end of each level further expand the vocabulary lesson in a functional and meaningful way.

This app is great for classrooms as you can register multiple users. The parents/teachers section provides an introduction to the programs offered through i-Ready and gives suggestions for use to parents and teachers.  It also outlines the research and common core information related to the app.

From iTunes:

Help your students build a rich vocabulary of essential words! World’s Worst Pet exposes students to over 1000 Tier Two words at 6 different levels through four engaging games. Aligned to the Common Core, this app provides student-friendly definitions, a playful narrative, a fun reward system and thought-provoking writing prompts! 

World’s Worst Pet is part of i-Ready— an award-winning, blended learning program published by Curriculum Associates. Learn more about i-Ready at 

World’s Worst Pet is structured to provide repeated exposures to a cluster of conceptually related target words. 
• Teaches more than 1000 words across five grade levels, from grades 4 – 8 with content available for students who are working a level behind 
• Student-friendly definitions provide clear explanations with rich examples that illustrate how each word is used. 
• Engaging narrative and reward system keeps students motivated 
• Activities include word context, word sort, synonyms, and antonyms. 
• Students see the same word multiple times in a single set of activities. 
• Includes Spanish cognates • Includes immediate feedback 
• Uses a real human voice not synthesized robotic speech 
• Aligns with Common Core State Standards 
• Writing prompts provide an opportunity to use words in types of writing identified by the Common Core 

World’s Worst Pet leverages best practices from Reading research 
• Targets Tier Two words, selected from research-based lists. 
• Also targets domain-specific words, including science and social studies words. 
• Teaches words in conceptually related clusters 
• Provides clear student-friendly explanations 
• Provides multiple exposures and repeated practice across a variety of contexts 
• Helps students make multiple connections between words and their experiences. 
• Explores word relationships, including synonyms and antonyms 
• Includes Spanish cognates such as vehículo for vehicle or numeroso for numerous 
• Includes writing prompts focused on the target words in each cluster 

World’s Worst Pet develops concepts, skills, and strategies as targeted by the Common Core. 
• “The importance of students acquiring a rich and varied vocabulary,” write the authors of the Common Core, “cannot be overstated.” 
• Tier Two words are central to understanding complex text, and World’s Worst Pet provides multiple exposures and repeated practice in these words. 
• Aligns with vocabulary standards in these sections of the Common Core State Standards: o Reading Standards for Literature o Reading Standards for Information Text o Language Standards: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

Sarah is wishing there was an app that would clean her house.

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