Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Great New App! Let's Use Language: Basic Language Development helps build vocabulary and language skills

The staff at Smart Apps was blown away the first time we used the Let's Be Social app. I jumped at the chance to check out their brand new app,  Let's Use Language: Basic Language Development! This app is chock full of vocabulary and language development lessons designed to address Common Core concepts. It is easy to create and customize lessons and questions within the app. Children can benefit from this app both at home and in therapy sessions.

If you would like to download Let's Use Language: Basic Language Development ($9.99, iPad only), please show your support by using our link:
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Let's Use Language by Everyday Speech focuses on four main concepts of language. The categories include vocabulary, sequencing, categorization and opposites. Each of the ten preloaded lessons within each category comes with a short story as well as follow up questions to have the child work through the concepts.

The app includes 40 lessons broken up into the four different categories. If that weren't enough, it is easy for users to create new lessons as well as completely new categories. There are not many apps out there which are ready to use out of the box and offer the flexibility to personalize the lessons to the needs of the child.

The stories are simple yet full of information. After reading or listening to the narration, children are given a handful of multiple choice questions. Throughout the question section children are able to quickly return to the story to search for the answer as many times as necessary. If a question is answered incorrectly, they are able to return to the question and try again or simply move on to the next question.

This is a highly educational and easy to use app. I am so excited that Everyday Speech is expanding their offerings of apps. If you are working on social and pragmatic skills, make sure to check out Let's Be Social if you haven't already downloaded it!

From iTunes:
A literacy based approach to teach Common Core Language concepts!

Written by ASHA-Certified SLPs, Let's Use Language uses stories to teach the language concepts of:
- Vocabulary
- Sequencing
- Categories
- Opposites

Let's Use Language comes with 10 stories (full list below), each with an accompanying lesson for our four target concepts. That's a total of 40 lessons!

Our story based approach provides a context for learning language - giving the words meaning rather than simple imitation and memorization. Let's Use Language promotes literacy and provides an excellent starting point for further discussions and learning beyond the scope of the story.

Each lesson comes with interactive Q&A to stimulate discussion and measure retention. After reading the story, users answer 5 questions focused on the skill at hand. Custom illustrations accompany each question and provide additional context.

The standard lessons in Let's Use Language may be used to support Common Core Anchor Standards for Language, specifically Knowledge of Language, and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use.

Some of the topics Let's Use Language Covers are:
States of Matter - Weather - Space and Planets - Ocean/Beach - Animal Habitats - Life Cycle - Nutrition & Food Groups - Seasons - Types of Animals - Rooms in a House - Sports Terms - First, Second, Next, Then, Last - Living & Nonliving - Indoor & Outdoor - Baby & Adult - Hot & Cold - Morning & Night - Hard & Soft

Let's Use Language allows users to easily create their own stories and lessons, complete with Q&A! You can even use your own pictures! Turn any paper-based lesson into an interactive experience your students will love! Write stories with your class for an all-inclusive learning experience, or turn a field trip into a story starring your students! Users can also add questions to existing stories and lessons.

Let's Use Language is perfect for SLP's, Teachers, and Parents! Our stories are applicable for both the classroom and home. Let's Use Language can be used with:

- Children learning language
- Those who have Autism Spectrum Disorders
- Those with Language Delays
- English Language Learners

Let's Use Language comes standard with:

- 10 stories written to introduce children to language development concepts
- 40 lessons focused on common core language concepts, specifically: Knowledge of Language, and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
- Interactive Q&A in each lesson, promoting retention and providing feedback
- 138 custom illustrations designed to make the stories fun while providing a context for language
- Complete customization: create your own skill sets, stories, and lessons using your own pictures and text!
- Full text-to-speech support for all content, including user created content

- Visiting the Farm
- Ella and Carly’s Day at the Beach
- Eating Lunch at School
- Playing Outside
- A Day at the Zoo
- Planting Flowers
- Madison Gets Ready for Bed
- Emma Goes to a Birthday Party
- The Life Cycle of a Caterpillar
- Tom's Soccer Game

Rachel H is enjoying the first full day of summer vacation with her kids by having a pajama day and breakfast for dinner.

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