Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's TIME for a great FREE app: Telling Time Quiz helps kids learn to read clocks

Are we there yet? What time is it? Do these questions sound familiar?  Perhaps it is time to learn how to read the clock  pun intended.  School is out for many kids and parents are filling the days with activities, camp and travels. Kids need to practice their skills to avoid the summer slide. Telling Time Quiz  Fun Game to Learn How to Tell Time by Innovative Mobile Apps has 18 levels to learn to tell time from easy to hard. It is truly a race against time.

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Telling Time Quiz  Fun Game to Learn How to Tell Time is divided into eighteen levels. Each level focuses on a unique skill. The first level is Hours. With three lives and just over a minute on the clock, the player needs to correctly identify the written time by matching the time on a clock. Each round increases in difficulty by increasing the number of clocks to the choices. It starts with just two clocks and can have a maximum of twelve. The timer has a great countdown sound, especially as time is running out. If the player is successful at completing the quiz with three or less errors, the level is complete and the next level is unlocked.

The app can be customized to best suit the skill level of the child. The time challenge can be turned off to make it more of a teaching tool. The minimum images and maximum images can be modified from two to twelve. By keeping the images consistent the app makes it easier for the beginner student to look at the screen and consistently choose from a similar array.  To increase the difficulty each screen, you can add two images, up to 12, which adds complexity to the challenge. As the images are added the clock faces get smaller, making it more difficult to search out the answer.

Telling Time Quiz  Fun Game to Learn How to Tell Time is a great FREE app to help kids of all ages by racing against the clock.  No internet connection is required. Be sure to check out our list of 50 other FREE apps from Innovations Mobile Apps.

From iTunes:
Turn telling time into a fun simple game. Great for kids and ESL students.
Learn to tell time in 18 levels. Once you master the basics, the game will
automatically advance to the next level.

✔ Includes 18 unique levels to learn to tell time from easy to hard
✔ Adaptive gameplay shows you more choices as your skills improve
✔ Unique game mechanics that will make you want to keep playing
✔ Super easy to use for all ages
✔ Unlock new levels and track your progress
✔ Fully customizable - setup your own levels for family and friends
✔ Optimized for all iOS devices - no internet connection required to play

Wendy is racing against the clock to finish the school year and leave for her conference, next week!

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