Monday, June 23, 2014

Living the unconventional life -- what we have instead of a coffee table

Partially due to their varying needs, our girls seem to have a problem with coffee tables. The oldest just walks into them and falls. The younger two see them as a climbing obstacle and a challenge. It was a sad day when we realized that we could no longer have a coffee table in our family room, but removing it sure beats having to yell, "Get down," all day every day.

So, what do we have instead?

A mini-trampoline! My youngest calls it her "boing-boing." The little trampoline provides a lot of sensory input for Baby-Z and K-Bear. Little Miss M is a bit too big for the trampoline we have, but we are able to let her sit and bounce on it.

When we put conventions out on the curb and embraced what our kids needed, our furniture began to work for us. I guess by thinking outside of the box, we were able to find something to fit our family a little bit better. Really, a trampoline in the living room is just another stepping stone in our unconventional life, but it's fun and brings about a lot of laughter.

Amanda was told her home looked like a Kindergarten classroom, and she took it as a compliment!

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