Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sound it out - five things children need to sound out words

Learning to read is an exciting and sometimes daunting process for children and parents/teachers. There are so many different techniques and approaches. Sight word acquisition is helpful (see our top sight word apps here), but learning to sound words out is also important. I came across this article written by Anna Greiger. She is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom who shares educational resources for parents and teachers on her blog, The Measured Mom. In the article, she highlights five things children need in order to be able to sound out words.

These foundational skills include the following:

1.   Concepts of print

2.  Language and listening skills

3.  Letter knowledge

4.  Phonological and phonemic awareness

5.  An interest in learning to read

She provides great suggestions, examples and links to other resources for each item on the list. Read the entire article here.

Sarah is going to miss the USA vs Portugal World Cup game because she'll be dropping her daughter off at soccer camp!

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