Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Friend Ship Music CD: Teach social skills through song

I love using music during speech therapy sessions and it's an important part of our Early Childhood curriculum. The Friend Ship Music CD is going to be a great addition to my collection. A speech pathologist named Erica Bland teamed up with a professional musician to create a CD of children's songs that addresses social communication and emotional regulation. Great for parents and educators, the CD features nine toe tapping tunes in a variety of genres. Children will be humming along while learning communication skills and social vocabulary. Order directly from the author's website or in iTunes. An activity book is also available to help parents and professional make the most of this teaching tool.

If you would like to download The Friend Ship Music CD ($8.91 for the album or individual songs for $0.99 each) please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the link provided:

From The Friend Ship website:

Any parent knows how it is—once your child discovers music that they like, and the CD ends up in your car, you're stuck with it. You both memorize it. 

The Friend Ship is an album specially crafted to be as enjoyable and useful as possible for parents and children alike. Short, up-beat songs that vary in genre from rock to reggae and hip-hop, focus on core principles that support peer interactions and communication. 

The language of the songs is simple and direct so that young children can understand and relate to messages about being friendly, taking turns, taking control of their emotions, joining in to play with peers and more. The lyrics also provide target vocabulary for parents who struggle to find the right words to impart these concepts. The songs' memorable language helps parents or teachers reflect on the message and quote familiar lyrics when kids need a reminder. 

Each song is derived from therapeutic techniques to help kids with a range of social communication needs to become more thoughtful, understanding, and emotionally aware individuals. In addition to being a handy asset for parents, the Friend Ship is a fun tool for any preschool classroom or daycare. 

In fact, the album is accompanied by two sets of strategies, one for parents and one for educators. These suggestions and ideas are there to help adults integrate the songs into the daily routine and achieve maximum resonance with kids. Of course the CD is great on it's own, but even better with the booklet!

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