Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Top 10 Reviewed Apps for Speech and Language Development

The Smart Apps team includes several very knowledgeable speech language pathologists. Over the years, our staff has reviewed several speech and language apps. As I was looking for a speech app to work with my son while he is on a three-month break from school, I noticed all the top reviewed speech and language development apps. To make it easier for everyone to find, I compiled this handy-dandy little list. Also be sure to check our Top Sixteen FREE Apps for Language Therapy.

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LinguaPix by Expressive Solutions 
4.5 stars from Heather H
Bottom Line: A comprehensive expressive language app good for speech-language pathologists, useful for all ages. The data collection and content make it a good buy, and a free version (with one deck free) allows the user to try it before committing to the full price.

(iPad ONLY, requires iOS 6.0 or higher)
FREE Version (in-app purchases)   $29.99 Full Version

ArtikPix by Expressive Solutions LLC 
4.5 stars from Rachel H
Bottom Line: ArtikPix is a fairly impressive app for practicing and evaluating speech articulation. Flashcards are divided into decks of specific sound groups. With the ability to score, record voice/video, and write notes throughout the session, it could be a great tool for both parents and speech therapists.

There are in-app purchases in the free version for individual decks for $1.99 each, groups of decks (including 5 to 7 sound groups), or all of the remaining 20 decks.

FREE lite version          $29.99 Full version

Minimal Pairs Academy from Smarty Ears 
4 stars from Jenni
Bottom Line: While Minimal Pairs Academy is designed for children age four and up, don’t be fooled into thinking it is only for “little” kids or only for kids working on speech sounds. It's a little on the pricey side, but has multiple uses.

$19.99, iPad Only

Conversation Therappy from Tactus Therapy 
5 stars from Heather H
Bottom Line: This is a must-have app for speech-language pathologists at all levels from about age 9 through adult. Work on conversation and answering comprehension questions, with great data-keeping and customization.

Free Lite Version         $24.99 Full Version

Asking TherAppy from Tactus Therapy 
4.5 stars from Rachel J
Bottom Line: The latest from Tactus Therapy helps those with cognition or communication disorders ask all types of questions. A must-have for speech-language pathologists!

We all ask questions on a daily basis, most of us without giving it a second thought. Some children (and adults) with communication or cognition delays and disorders don't ask questions or have difficulty doing so. Enter Asking TherAppy.

$19.99, iPad/iPhone

Answering TherAppy from Tactus Therapy 
4.5 stars from Rachel J
Bottom Line: This app from Tactus Therapy allows users of all ages to practice understanding and answering questions. Comes with more than 400 questions, and includes yes/no questions as well as Wh questions (who, what, where, when, why, how). Another great addition to a speech-language pathologist's tool box.

$19.99, iPad/iPhone

Articulation Test Center from Little Bee Speech
4.5 stars from Rachel J
Bottom Line: From the wonderful and renowned folks who brought that sweet little articulation bee to so many speech-language pathologists' iPads comes a brand-new app that is worthy of just as much buzz. Articulation Test Center from Little Bee Speech should not go unnoticed by any SLP. A time saver and a great tool, this app lives up to the Little Bee name.

$49.99, iPad Only

MyTalkTools Mobile by 2nd Half Enterprises LLC
4.5 stars from Heather H
Bottom Line: A comprehensive, customizable AAC app for people of all ages with communication challenges. It has great functionality without being too hard to use, and can be easily synced across devices with a user account. Top Pick!

Free Lite Version     Full Version $99.99

Sentence Ninja by Smarty Ears 4 stars from Jenni
Bottom Line: Smarty Ears uses kids’ admiration of ninjas to help them build grammatically correct phrases and sentences in Sentence Ninja. With real life photos, easy to understand voices, and a lot of options for personalization, this app would be good for therapists. However, its price may make it out of reach for many people.

$14.99, iPad Only

Laureate First Words by Laureate Learning Systems, Inc 
4.5 stars from Rachel H
Bottom Line: Laureate First Words aims to teach children, especially those with special needs, 50 common first words in developmental order. This highly customizable app is able to be tailored to fit a child's specific needs. With the ability to create unlimited user profiles and generate detailed reports this app would be perfect in speech therapy, but could also be highly beneficial in a home setting.

$19.99, iPad Only

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