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Are we there yet? Top 10 Board game apps for summer vacation travel

My family and I are hitting the road for vacation soon and that means hours in the car. We are a multi-device family and can easily entertain ourselves on long road trips, but as our kids get older we want vacations to be as much about reconnecting as they are about relaxing. Trapping them in a moving car is sometimes the only way to get quality time with our busy teenagers. Playing board games can be a fun way to pass the time on trips that involves actual communication and interaction. They can also be used to address a variety of skills that your child may need to work on in a social way. By using these great apps you won't have to worry about making room for games in an overcrowded vehicle or losing pieces.

If you'd like to play one or more of the game apps below, please show your support for Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the links provided.

Road-Trip Bingo by Brandon Christensen

The classic driving game on your iOS Device! 
Back-seat blues got you down? Need something to keep the kids entertained in the car? Try Road Trip Bingo for hours of fun and a few minutes of peace! 

 Road Trip Bingo keeps kids looking out the window on short or long car trips. Make the miles fly by as you watch for vehicles, road signs, animals and more. 

(iPhone/iPad, $0.99)

Memo-Game by MyFirstApp Ltd.

Memo Game - the first memory game with voice recording feature - is an exciting new version of the classic memory game. On top of the visual memory skills which it develops, a new added voice recording feature enables parents and kids to add names or sounds to every visual image, thus enabling kids to listen to over 100 words in their own voice and in their own language. The voice recording feature is both fun and educative. 

 The game consists of several boards, each board features a different theme, such as vehicles, food and animals. The use of the various themes also helps develop categorization ability. It is designed for children aged 3+ years old. 

(iPhone/iPad, Free) Two boards included for free, unlock ten more with in-app purchase of $2.99.

Hungry Hungry Hippos by Hasbro, Inc.

 The Hungry Hungry Hippos are on the move… to the Tiki Pond where you will race to chomp up mangos and bananas! The app brings the frenzied, marble-chomping game to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The faster you make your Hippo move, the more fruits they can chomp. Who will you challenge to this fun fruit frenzy game? 

Choose from 3 ways to play: 
1. Single Player: Choose your Hippo and see how fast you can chomp all the fruit! How’d you do? Think you can beat your time? Play again! Available via all iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 
2. Hippo-vs-iDevice: Choose which Hippo you want to be, and be ready to race the machine! Whoever eats the most fruit first wins! Available via all iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 
3. 4 player Hippo: Gather your friends together and start chomping at the Tiki Pond. This four player mode offers laughter and mango munching fun for all at the same time! Only available via iPad. 

(iPad only, Free)

Uno by Gameloft

Play the classic card game that's fast fun for everyone! 

- Play single-player mode to put your UNO™ skills to the test! 
- Challenge players worldwide in multiplayer mode or play with your friends through Wi-Fi! 
- Customise your game with 9 different rules including UNO™ 7-0 and Jump-in! 
- Take on increasingly harder challenges in Tournament Mode! 

(iPhone/iPad, $4.99)

The GAME OF LIFE Classic Edition by Electronic Arts

The possibilities are endless in THE GAME OF LIFE! What does your future hold? Enjoy a new spin on the classic board game that’s now enhanced for iPhone 5!  

Navigate your animated tokens through a stunning 3D environment of winding roads and lush landscapes! 

(iPhone/iPad, $0.99)

StoryLines by Edmodo

StoryLines is an award-winning game of 'telephone' with pictures. Featured by KQED's MindShift in their "10 Awesome Apps for Learning", and by the App Store as a "New & Noteworthy" education App. 

You begin a StoryLine with a common saying. A friend grows the StoryLine by illustrating that saying. Another friend titles that drawing (without seeing the original saying). Yet another friend illustrates that title, and so on. 
(iPhone/iPad, Free)

Mancala by Paul Hudson

In Russia they call it Kalah, in Nigeria it's called Oko, in Malaysia it's called Congkak, but most of the world knows it as Mancala: the strategy board game that many believe to be the oldest game in the world. If you've never played it before, Mancala will take you just minutes to learn, but it will take a lifetime to master as you need to exercise good judgement, patience and lateral thinking with every move. 

(iPhone/iPad, $0.99)

Jenga by NaturalMotion

The official Jenga® game is here! Designed in consultation with Leslie Scott, the original creator of Jenga®, Jenga for iPhone/iPod touch lets you take the tower building experience anywhere.

(iPhone/iPad, $0.99)

Guess Who? - Freemium by Clement Marty

"Guess Who?" is a simple deductive and pedagogic game. It is designed for the entire family from 4 years to 90. Goals is to guess a character just by asking simple questions.

 Game modes: 
• Guess?: Guess the computer character by asking simple questions. 
• Make me guess!: Help computer to guess by answering computer questions. 
• Time Attack: Guess computer character as fast as you can with clues computer will gives you. 
• Tournament : Guess computer character before it guess your character. 
• Two players : Play with friends or family and guess opponent character first. 

(iPhone/iPad, Free)

Boggle by Electronic Arts

TICK-TOCK. BEAT THE CLOCK. Once you start you just can’t stop! Test your way with words by playing the popular wordsearch game that's addictive fun. 

3 WAYS TO PLAY Race to win in Challenge Mode, choose a speed in Advanced Mode, and play by your own rules in Self-Score Mode. 
FEELING COMPETITIVE? Email friends & challenge them to a word duel and find out who can think on their feet the quickest. 
SMART CONTROLS Shake your iPhone to shuffle 3D letter cubes. Tap and drag to spell the word that wins! 
CUE THE MUSIC Listen & control music from iTunes® while you play. 
TAKE A BOW Collect rewards for forming the longest word, the best word, and using the most letters in the shortest amount of time!

(iPhone/iPad, $0.99)

Sarah's kids always fall asleep on any car trip longer than 15 minutes no matter the time of day.  She will have to wake a sleeping teenager to play any of these apps.

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