Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Don't believe everything you see: A picture is just one moment!

I know as special needs parents and educators, you can relate to the fact that sometimes pictures on the internet seem way too far out of reach. That perfectly posed family won't happen when one child is melting down. The adorable first birthday cake smash? Never works when the child can't handle the sensory experience of getting messy!

Of course there are great sites and posts featuring Pinterest "Nailed It!" pictures (this collection may be my favorite). Now here's a collection for all of us wondering where these perfectly behaved children come from.

We all know a single picture captures but a moment of a whole experience. Do you have any contrasting pictures that tell a different story? Share them with us! Here's one from me:

The clean and organized basement picture.
What it looked like just a few hours earlier...

From the post:
"I like to browse Facebook as much as the next stay-at-home mama, but in order to enjoy myself, I do have to remember that it's not really real. I don't need to tell you that Instagram and Facebook are inundated with happy posts of happy children and seemingly happy families, which leave many of us thinking, "Wow, they always seems so happy! What's wrong with me [my kids, my husband, my dog . . . ]?" "

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~Heather H.

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