Saturday, July 19, 2014

Doozers Solve It! — from shape matching to problem solving — a great way to learn about physics

I opened the first level of Doozers Solve It and was instantly hooked. I also immediately felt the kid magnets engage as the children were drawn to me by the cheerful sounds of the app. As I tried to keep my phone in my own hands, the kids and I matched shapes, earning three stars in each level. After mastering all five levels in basic shape matching, our problem solving skills were put to the test. In all, there are 50 levels to master and adorable stickers to earn for your Doozer dress-up sticker book.

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The first level of this app is direct shape matching. Drag objects from the right side of the screen to flashing outlines in the obstacle courses. The Doozers create exciting ways for a ball to get through different obstacles, employing many basic physics principles. There is a stop/undo button that allows the budding scientist to pause the experiment if they predict that the ball will get stuck or they won't earn the full three stars.

As the player moves further into the Doozer-world, the levels get more challenging. Once all of the shape matching levels are accomplished, the problem-solving levels are unlocked. Similar to the Angry Birds games, Doozers Solve It challenges players to more complex obstacles.

This app seems to embrace the idea of simplicity with great complexity behind it. For those with learning challenges or motor challenges, simple is often better. Modeling is often a great way of learning and rewards are great incentives. This app has all three. The tasks are clearly outlined. During the early levels, point and drag is demonstrated on the screen for modeling purposes. As each level is completed the player earns stickers to dress up the clever little Doozers. This fun and entertaining portion of the app also has a camera attached to save costume designs.

$2.99 is higher than I'd normally spend on an app with no reviews, but I'm glad I did. Now I want to find the Doozers on television and with Jim Henson Studios, you can rarely go wrong.  I also feel the levels and expectations are attainable and appropriate for many different ability levels. Unlike similar games in this format, I really found a great balance and clear expectations of what it takes to earn stars (make the ball or an object hit them).

 From iTunes:
Become an honorary member of the Doozers Pod Squad by discovering solutions to dozens of fun puzzles! Choose from a set of provided objects to complete a unique sequence to reach a goal. As levels progress, the number of objects to place increases, and the puzzles get more complex. “Shape matching” mode provides helpful guides for placing the pieces. Once the game is mastered, “problem solving” mode is unlocked and you will be challenged to experiment to find the right solution to each puzzle without the use of guides.
Get all three stars on each level and unlock a sticker for your sticker book. Make a picture using the scene and stickers you’ve earned, and save it to your camera roll to share with your friends and family.

With 50 levels of increasing complexity, this physics-based puzzle game nurtures discovery and learning in a playful way while fostering problem-solving , spatial reasoning and basic engineering skills.

About Doozers
Doozers are DOERS – they put their ideas into action!
Doozers focuses on four little Doozers, a group of best buds who play together and share a love of inventing. Dubbed ‘the Pod Squad,’ Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex, and Daisy Wheel bounce from one fabulous adventure to the next engaging in exciting projects and having a blast playing together. Doozers know being a kid is a big job. Playing is how Doozer kids (and adults!) practice imagination, communication, ingenuity and problem solving.

The educational mission for Doozers is to inspire preschoolers’ inventive nature through play.


The kids have been in bed for an hour and Amanda is still playing Doozers Solve It and totally enjoying it. 

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