Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bamba Pizza by Mezmedia

Looking for an app to keep kids talking? This cute app from Mezmedia will provide lots of entertainment and discussion opportunities for kids with special needs. Since most kids love pizza and making their own, Bamba Pizza is a great app to play - without the dishes!

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After entering the pizza place, the child picks one of four patrons to feed. Before choosing the particular client, ask the children why they would like to create a pizza for that character. Inquire what types of things they might put on the pizza for each person.

Rolling the dough is great to work fine motor skills and to talk about why the dough needs to be flattened. The app requires the child to flip the dough, so be forewarned, the device needs to leave the table! The sound effects are cute. Adding the sauce is the first order of business; talk about what the sauce is made out of, and why we add it first.

A list of twenty-six typical to very unusual pizza toppings are available to add to the pizza. The odd ingredients can be discussed as to how they can be used for each of the crazy patrons. Counting, organizing and sorting techniques can be mini-tasks as pizza is prepared. The child can design faces, art or just plain yummy pizzas before sending them to the oven.

Once the baking is complete, the pizza must be cut into triangles. A great chat about fractions can happen while the pizza is divided. When the prepared meal is served to the eager restaurant-goer, the child will see how the creation is enjoyed. More discussion about why the pizza was or wasn't a culinary success.

Since it is summer, it is a great time to extend this activity to real life. Make mini pizzas or even the family pizza. Talk about likes and dislikes of ingredients and why some things need to be added in a certain order and others do not. Have fun talking and eating!

Parents, Speech Language Pathologists, Auditory Verbal Therapists and Teachers can all benefit from the dialogue that can be generated from this fun app.

From iTunes:
•••Join 2+ million Bamba customers - kids learn through play with Bamba!••• 
Let your kids be the wackiest pizza chef ever! Select and custom-make your pizza from a huge list of ingredients. Feed the pizza to our four silly friends and watch their reactions!

"Good for imaginary play, and can be used by 2 kids at once" - The iMums

- Over 26 different ingredients - from Salami to Batwings
- Feed four of our silly friends - Timmy, Peppi, Sammy the Sasquatch and Fran├žois the robotic chef.
- Interactive pizza making - roll out the dough, flip it and slice it!
- Fantastic, beautiful artwork
- Kid-focused interface
- No external advertising
- No in-app purchases
- Great for kids 2+

Bamba Pizza is an interactive toy designed for kids. There are no scores, complicated interfaces or stressful time limits. This game is great to play alone or with an adult.


Wendy had a craving for pizza as she wrote about this app.  She called her husband to pick one up on the way home!

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