Wednesday, July 30, 2014

List of 30 Classroom procedures to help with behavior from Scholastic

Social stories have become an important part of managing the school day for my son with Asperger's Syndrome. Like many children, if he knows what is expected of him he has less anxiety, knows what he can expect from the day, and behaves better than if he does not understand the procedures. I recently came across a very descriptive list of classroom procedures that could be easily adopted into social stories or reminder boards.

Here is an excerpt:

30 Classroom Procedures to Head Off Behavior Problems
To keep your days running smoothly, establish consistency using these general procedures, daily tasks, and activities.

Here is a list of general procedures to teach. You can adapt them to your grade level and school setting.
  • Entering the room: Enter quietly and politely; remove your hat if you're wearing one; don't interrupt other students; follow the appropriate procedures for each time of day (e.g., morning, after lunch, after a special class).
  • Lining up: Stand up quietly; push in your chair; take all necessary items; line up without touching others or talking; face the front of the line; watch where you are going.
  • Leaving the room: Tell me where you are going; take the correct hall pass; do not run or play in the hallways or restrooms.
  • Beginning the day: Enter the room politely; put away your backpack, lunch, and coat; turn in your homework; sit at your desk and read alone or do before-school work silently.

Rachel H is happy a summer cool front is knocking the temperatures out of the 100's today.

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