Sunday, July 27, 2014

Putting the art of theater in the palm of your hand -- Bean Bag Kids present The Three Little Pigs

I love The Three Little Pigs and I love the Bean Bag Kids, so when I saw that the two were combined in an app, I couldn't resist! With the beautiful 3D animation of Bean Bag Kids, the story really does comes to life. Watch the Big Bad Wolf growl and the pigs prance about and laugh along with enjoyment as this classic tale unfolds in a whole new way.

If you want to download Bean Bag Kids presents Three Little Pigs ($1.99 iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:



Do you work with resistant readers? I do. Whether due to visual processing or some other issue, Little Miss M is resisting reading and it can be very frustrating. However, she loves theater and she loves fairy tales. Thank goodness for interactive story books that portray fairy tales on a stage! With options to have the story read out-loud by a professional narrator or even have the entire text in Spanish - I was quite inspired by learning potentials.

Pull the curtain down to turn narration on or off or choose the language. Click on three stars in every scene of the play to unlock puzzles to play at the end of the story.

Each scene brings interactive aspects as the reader helps the Three Little Pigs build their new dwellings. Create a house made of straw, one made of wood and another made of stone. Which will withstand an attack by the Big Bad Wolf? Read and play to find out!

From iTunes:

Join the internationally award-winning friends, The Bean Bag Kids, as they perform the children’s fairy tale classic, The Three Little Pigs, through 3D animation, games, and professional narration. Read with your kids, or let them listen, play, and explore on their own!

-Perfect whether your child has 30 seconds or 30 minutes!
-Listen and learn in English and International Spanish!
-Build houses with the little bean bag piggies!
-Learning puzzles and games!
-Beautiful, high definition rendered animations!

Protecting information about you and your family is very important. We have a very strict privacy policy to keep children safe. Learn more here:

The Kid Bunch team is a tight-knit group of parents, artists, musicians and designers dedicated to creating innovative adventures, digital toys, and interactive stories for the entire family. We believe play is the strongest learning force for children and adults alike. 


 Amanda is the oldest of three children and strongly identifies with the pig who built his house from stone.

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