Monday, July 7, 2014

Re-purposing kids' stuff — our new backyard garden

My kids love to "help" in the garden. I use quotations because they are not always helpful. Often they make the chore twice as difficult. However, I truly appreciate their love of being outdoors and helping me. I try to find a way for both of us to win. This year the girls were clearly too big for their old Little Tikes Crab Sandbox. My talented father built them a large square sandbox for their building enjoyment, but I couldn't bring myself to throw the cute crab away.

This brought in the idea of re-purposing old stuff. I thought, wouldn't it be great if the kids had their own garden to be responsible for maintaining? We drilled some holes in the bottom of "Crabby" and filled it with planting soil. Next, I handed the girls some tomato seeds. While I had always bought a tomato plant to cultivate, I thought they might be more impressed by growing tomatoes from seeds. I was right. Although the girls were dismayed the seeds didn't instantly sprout, they dutifully watered and checked on them daily. Five weeks later we are close to sprouting actual tomatoes!

The successful re-purposing of our old sandbox has led me to wonder what else I can re-purpose in my house? What is something you've done? Has it been successful? Please share with us in the comments so we can hopefully assemble and DIY Re-purposing list.

Amanda loves fresh garden tomatoes, so this project served multiple purposes!

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