Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Robot Turtles: A board game that teaches social communication and beginning coding skills

Looking for some family fun that is also educational? I read an article this week on the American Speech and Hearing Association blog about a great board game that teaches the basic fundamentals of coding to young children. Robot Turtles can be played with children as young as four, but the rules and complexity of play are adaptable to older kids and even adults. The author of the article, Eric Sailers, MA, CCC-SLP, also highlights five different social communication skills that can be addressed through the game making a great game even more valuable.

The social skills include:

1) Perspective taking

2) Turn taking

3) Eye contact and body langauge

4) Following directions

5) Making comments

Read the entire article.

Robot Turtles was launched on Kickstarter and is published by Thinkfun. If you would like to purchase Robot Turtles, it can be ordered from Amazon or Target for $24.99. Thinkfun also offers a web exclusive Adventure Bundle to expand on the fun and learning.

There is also an interactive e-book following the adventures of Beep the robot turtle available for $14.99. Sign up for free printables based on the game and book.

Sarah is fascinated by the concept of turtles as robots.

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