Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Todo Math has changed, but is still approved by this special education teacher

Smart Apps for Kids reviewed a math app called ToDo K-2 Math Practice and they found it to be a wonderful app.   Since they first reviewed ToDo K-2 Math Practice, it has evolved to an app with a new name and even more math. The new review can be found here: ToDo Math is all-new and still fabulous. As a Special Education Teacher, I was always looking for good apps for my classroom, and this app was definitely a great one to use, and this new version is still a wonderful app. 

 If you would like to download ToDo Math (Free with in-app purchases, iPad Only), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

All upgrades are $19.99; mission-only access $11.99 (31 missions); free choice access $9.99 (18 mini games all levels)

Can register data with email address (and add more accounts as well)

There are many apps designed for individuals with special needs, but I was very excited to see an app that is said to be actually differentiated for those with special needs. Having special needs does not mean that the individual cannot learn the exact same things any other child can learn. It may mean that the child with special needs will learn that material in a different way. 

ToDo Math provides a variety of great math activities for kindergarten through second grade kids, and it has great differentiation options for those with special needs. When playing the game, if the child would like to pick a number and drag it down to the box for the answer, that is great. Maybe a child doesn't do well dragging objects and becomes easily frustrated because the tile is released and goes back to its spot before the child can get it all the way to the box. This is no problem either, because this app provides the choice to drag and drop the answer or to write the answer and then just click on the number to confirm what was written.

The recent update added in-app purchases, which is something that I tend to steer away from as a teacher, but this app is different. The original app was all free, and I would have paid for the amount of content and differentiation that it contained. With the new version, the initial download is still free, so it is a great way to check out the app to make sure it will fit the needs of the children a teacher works with.

Todo Math is a must have for my classroom and my students.  Now that you see how this app will help individuals with special needs, I encourage you to jump over to read the full review (if you haven't already), and begin using this great app with your child.

Heather S. enjoys introducing new apps to her students and seeing their excitement for each one.

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