Monday, July 7, 2014

Two free Disney apps — Planes: Fire & Rescue & Disney Bola Soccer

Score! Two brand new FREE Disney apps! Swipe and tap your way through short soccer games with Disney Bola Soccer or enjoy the Planes: Fire & Rescue storybook, mini games and puzzles. Both of these apps are FREE!

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App-Warning-Buttons-IN-APP-(100x100)Contains in-app purchases. What's free?
Planes: 10 pages, 3 mini games, 3 short clips, puzzles, scene builder
Bola Soccer: Free to play.  You can earn $$ by playing the game or buy IAP to improve your team.

Only the app's developer can control when an app is free or not. All apps that we post as Good Free Apps of the Day are verified to be free at the time of this post. We make no guarantees otherwise.**

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Planes: Fire & Rescue
Join Dusty in this adventurous retelling of the feature film, as he shifts gears from racing to join forces with a courageous team to battle a massive wildfire! Read-along (or enjoy the audio narration) with this interactive story, filled with tappables and fun-filled games and activities that keep you in the middle of the action! Whether you're fighting fires with Mayday, training with Dusty, or smokejumping with the team, you'll learn what it takes to become a real hero! The complete story is available for purchase within this high-flying adventure.
•Join in the action-packed adventure for FREE as the air attack team prepares to put out the massive wildfire! Complete story requires in-app purchase.
•Enjoy your favorite characters: Dusty, Blade Ranger, Lil' Dipper, Windlifter, Cabbie, and the Smokejumpers.
•Enjoy 3 free interactive games with download: Dusty's Training Run, Firefighting with Mayday, and Smokejumping.
•Play 3 free jigsaw puzzles and scene builder activities within each game!
•Additional games and jigsaw puzzles available for in-app purchase.
•Complete heroic challenges and earn badges along the way!
•Collect special character cards as you move through the story and play along!

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains in-app purchases that cost real money, as well as advertising for the Walt Disney Family of Companies.

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Disney Bola Soccer
Do you have what it takes to WIN? Play solo or against your friends in this ultimate soccer adrenalin rush and prove that you’re the champ!
LEAD YOUR DREAM TEAM from the slum to win the global championship.
CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS and rivals from every country. 
IMPROVE PLAYER PERFORMANCE with different skills – defense, speed, tactics, intelligence and attacks to become a true Bola Champ.
• Quick game sessions for the enjoyment of novice to experienced players
• Play tournaments in “solo mode” – progress through the map, beat other teams and earn cups
• Play against other players’ teams to earn team XP and climb in the leaderboards.
• Intuitive controls with simple swipe and tap gestures
• Choose your sponsor to obtain “Bollars” and gain access to the toughest tournaments
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