Thursday, August 28, 2014

A parent-child book club is a great way to enjoy literacy together!

I saw a post recently advertising a book (of course) to help start a mother-daughter book club. Book by Book looks like a great resource for those considering it. It made me consider the possibility, and got me searching for even more resources, for mother-daughter, father-son, and parent-child book club.
I haven't ever had a book club with any of my children, but I'm a long-time participant in book clubs in general. I love to get together with others and talk about one of my favorite things in life--reading books. My kids all share my love of reading, and the thought of intentionally engaging in conversation about the books is enticing.

Scholastic has a website with book ideas, a discussion guide and even recipes to complement the overall theme of the book.  Check out the Scholastic Mother Daughter Book Club page.

This list on Better Homes and Gardens is probably my favorite, though. It provides suggestions for how to start for a wide variety of ages. My favorite directive:

Connect the Meaning to the Story

Offer snacks or make crafts that tie to book themes or encourage discussion about books in general. For example, make a plate of "conversation cookies." With frosting, write words on the cookies such as "best part," "humor" or "surprise." The child who picks that cookie can talk about the plot twist of the story, or tell what he thought was the funniest or best part of the book. For older kids, words such as "plot" or "theme" can encourage more age-appropriate discussions.

Check out the full Better Homes & Gardens list, too!

No matter how exactly you decide to start a book club, these activities are worth reading. What other resources have you found to encourage your kids in reading or in starting a book lub? H

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