Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Articulation Station Pro and Articulation Test Center on sale!

We just finished our giveaway for Articulation Station Pro. Since I couldn't give out a code to everyone who entered (but I wanted to!), this sale is just in time. Get Articulation Station Pro and the companion Articulation Test Center on SALE for a limited time!

Articulation Station is really a must-have for my speech-language therapy. The students love it (even those not targeting speech sounds love to make rotating or unique sentences and answer questions about them), and I love the easy data collection.

Read more about it HERE, or download right now. Save $15 on this comprehensive app! (iPad only, $34.99 regularly $49.99, until August 14th, 2014)

Full version                   FREE Lite version (in-app purchases)

Articulation Test Center is also an amazing app! It includes a screener, a full test, an /r/ sound screener and so many features it's crazy. I love having an informal assessment to supplement the required standardized articulation test (which is required, but ultimately gives me very little specific information), and Articulation Test Center also provides a written summary of the results to include in a full evaluation report. 
Read more about it HERE, or download it right now. Save $15 on this assessment app! (iPad only, $34.99 regularly $49.99, until August 14th, 2014)

~Heather H

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