Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School planning: Fantastic FREE resource for SLPs, teachers, and parents!

Do you know about the wonderful book lists found on the Consonantly Speaking blog? The speech-language pathologist behind this great blog put together lists for books to target several areas of speech-language in therapy planning.

I love these lists not just for therapy planning, but also to share with teachers and parents as ways they can also target specific areas for kids with speech-language goals. The list for Social Skills is especially great to address with whole classrooms.

If you've not checked out these lists, take some time to visit the blog now! And of course, some of the books are available as apps, too, expanding the ways to focus on supporting speech-language goals.

From the post:

My latest project in the list-world is related to books to use in speech-language therapy. This project has taken me about a month to complete researching what children's books are out there related to social skills, speech-language disorders, grammatical skills, articulation, receptive language skills, and more. To compile my lists, I sifted through my own speech classroom library (which I have been documenting for two years in an Excel document), looked through the Pinterest "speech books" board that I have compiled for the past year, searched on, and looked at other documents/websites that compiled speech book lists in the past. Continue reading to download the book lists for speech-language therapy!

Read the full post and download the FREE lists on the Consonantly Speaking blog!

~Heather H

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