Sunday, August 10, 2014

Best App for early learning: Bug Mazing is on sale for a limited time!

Little Bit Studios make some of the best apps for early learning skills, with award winning apps Bugs and Buttons, Bugs and Bubbles, Bugs and Numbers and more. In fact, every app we've reviewed on Smart Apps for Kids has been given 5 stars, no small feat.

The newly released Bug Mazing really is amazing, and it's currently on sale! A review on Smart Apps for Kids will be completed soon, but I didn't want to wait. This app is great, and well worth the current price of $.99! Get it now, before the price goes up.

To be bug-mazed with Bug Mazing - Adventures in Learning, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs and use our download button (iPad/iPhone, $.99 for a limited time!)


This app is designed for early learning skills, including alphabetical order, counting, recognizing colors, patterns, and tracing. The interface is, as expected, beautifully designed. I really appreciate that this app, while designed for ages 3-6, is also appropriate for older students working at this level without being babyish. An 8-10 year old working on identifying letters in alphabetical order will benefit from this app, too.

The tracing section of this app might be one of my favorite app games ever. It's like a traditional paper-pencil maze for kids, except this time the child traces a path through the garden to the end. Whatever path the child takes--crossing one way, then the next and over again and back--is recorded with a red dotted line.

This is one of those apps that is well worth paying for, and at just $.99 on sale, it's a must-buy. It's perfect for any student working on early learning concepts.

From iTunes:

Calling all heroes! In this Little Bit Studio app, your child will take control of their bug hero to explore and discover a myriad of environments while trying to save the peaceful King from the bad bug forces. Their exciting quest will take them through various challenges that will deliver tons of fun while developing key skills such as counting, critical thinking, fine motor skills, and many more!

Each adventure is a unique experience of skill-leveled challenges. Imagine sneaking through a garden maze filled with guard bugs, helping a child bug find his mother, or being chased by bugs riding on top of boulders. With a collection of over 20 different challenges, each adventure is uniquely generated to allow for hours of game replay and skills development.

Explore and play with intuitive controls.

Automatic leveling offers challenge with less frustration.
Quirky and fun styling offers intriguing learning experiences.
Reinforces basic skills: numbers, letters, and colors.
Expands other skills: fine motor skills, problem solving, and more.

Adventures include 20+ unique challenges to explore and play.
Unlock 5 levels of difficulty to earn coins and unlimited jewels.
Unlock 7 playable and unique hero bugs.
Play 4 mini-adventures with Letters*, Colors, Numbers and Tracing.
Engaging and beautiful HD retina graphics and music.
Multi-user profiles for family and classroom environments.
Universal app runs on all your iOS devices (3GS and newer)
Localizations** include English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Includes Kids Lock gated area to protect settings just for parents
NO third party advertising
NO in-app purchases
NO collection of any personal information of any kind

Little Bit Studio is an indie studio that makes fun learning games for kids. We build apps that kids enjoy and parents appreciate. Our approach includes incredible graphics, beautiful music, and unique designs because learning doesn’t have to be boring.

Contact us anytime at or visit us at

* languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean default to the English alphabet.
** some localizations include more comprehensive voice overs than others.


Heather H is just days away from starting the school year. This is the most organized she'll be all year.

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