Sunday, August 31, 2014

Best app for science is Free for a Limited Time - Universal Zoom: All About Sizes and Distances

Have you ever tried to explain the size of a giraffe or Mt. Everest to a child? How about try to compare the size of an atom to a fly? It can be really difficult to help kids understand the true scale of something they don't commonly see. I've found this to be especially difficult for some kids with special needs. This app, Universal Zoom: All About Sizes and Distances, helps make a difficult concept a little more accessible, by using stunning photos compared in scale.

The best part? It's FREE for a limited time!

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It's even hard for me to understand the true scale of something like Mount Everest. But using this app is easy and makes it fun to understand more about size and scale. Start with a flea and zoom out or start with the observable universe and zoom in. It's also fun to pick one particular object or animal and compare.

There are lots of details included about each spot on the map, including measurements and facts. When my twelve year old son was a toddler, he was obsessed with the solar system and studied and memorized much of the book Powers of Ten. This app is many powers of ten better than that book. Even more, at twelve he loves this app! It's great for a wide range and ability level. Those who can't read can use the visual nature with amazing pictures to help understand, and there's enough detail to keep most science and fact-oriented kids busy for a long time.

It's currently FREE, so download it now to check it out before the price changes!

From iTunes:

Discovering the scale of the Universe has never been more beautiful, exciting and easy to use. 
Universal Zoom offers you a wonderful journey through the Universe presenting objects to scale from an electron to the observable Universe and everything in between. Have fun comparing any two objects. It’s breathtaking for all ages and experience levels!

***** Featured by Apple in the “Nature Guides” category *****

“This is the real magic of the app.”

“With this educational app the whole family can go to a scientific expedition.”

“Universal Zoom is a neat iPad app designed to show students scales of size and distance.”

Have fun discovering sizes of:

• subatomic particles
• atoms
• detailed chromosome and DNA structure
• human cells
• insects, animals and birds
• the largest trees
• famous and tallest buildings
• mountains 
• Earth's satellite orbits
• planets and moons of the Solar System
• detailed Solar system structure and it's location in the Milky Way
• stars: from the smallest neutron star to the biggest currently known
• Milky Way neighboring galaxies, superclusters and the observable Universe
• visually presented metric and imperial/US units of length.

Compare any two objects to know how many times one object fits into another. Do you know how many giraffes fit into Eiffel tower? (the answer is 59). Compare buildings with animals, stars with planets and their orbits. Go wild. Now, you are not limited measuring things with feet or meters only.

Simplicity is a virtue

Universal Zoom is a unique educational app designed with user in mind to let you explore and experience the notions of SIZE and SCALE by presenting complicated scientific things in the simple, intuitive way.

We carefully designed every object, fitting it precisely into the scene, preparing the high-resolution graphics and concise information about it accompanied with a lot of interesting facts.


• Stunning graphics: all objects were carefully prepared using real high-resolution photos and original artwork.
• Rich content: about 150 (and counting) objects presented to scale. 
• Unique dynamic layout provides you with a sense of the size of every object.
• Visual presentation of metric and imperial/US units of length. Including simple and scientific notations.
• Compare mode: discover how many times one object fits into another. 
• Intuitive navigation. Just scroll or choose your destination on the Navigation Map. 
• Easily-accessible concise information about every object with fascinating facts. 
• Wikipedia access: read more about any object that fascinates you without leaving the app.
• The scale range: from 1 yoctometer (1x10-24m) to 93 billion light years (8.8x10+26m).


Heather H's son isn't the only one in the house who loves this app.

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