Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brand new Alexicom Elements app 90% off THIS WEEKEND ONLY! Save $45!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.00.51 PMAlexicom Tech is a popular developer of AAC apps, and we've found out that their brand-new app, Alexicom Elements Child School (Male), is currently on sale for $4.99. But this sale is for a limited time only! On Monday, its price will be set at $49.99. This weekend only, get it for 90% off! This is an incredible buy for those involved with AAC. Anyone who works with AAC or has a child with AAC (including speech-language pathologists, teachers...) should snatch this up now. $45 off doesn't occur every day.

To support Smart Apps For Kids and get access to a set of linked augmentative communication pages, please use our download button (iPad only, sale price $4.99, regular price $49.99 effective 8/25):
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I was thrilled to see this app sale! Of course the best communication for students needing AAC is one that is determined with a full evaluation from an SLP (who can help with feature matching), these boards are great for trials, for supplementing, and for SLPs in therapy settings. It even supports using switches! Alexicom Elements Child School (Male) is a great buy.
From iTunes:
A collection of linked augmentative communication pages for a child in the school environment. Includes pages for a variety of school subjects, including English, math, art, music, schedules, social activities, people, eating, drinking, feelings, needs, verb conjugations, categories, and much more.

Age: Child 
Setting: School
Voice: Boy (AT&T Natural Voice w/ pitch shift) 
Language: US English 
Grid size: 5 rows x 5 cols 
Symbol set: Real photos 
No. pgs: 163 (plus 140 verb conjugation pgs and 64 core words pgs) 

Features Include: 
• Emphasis on Core Words 
• Easy editing and customization 
• Add an unlimited number of speaking, linking pages 
• Camera image acquisition directly in the cells 
• Access to all provided images and user images 
• Easily show, dim, or hide cells 
• Opacity of dimmed cells is fully adjustable 
• Dimmed cells remain active or can be disabled 
• Restore lets you delete pages and bring them back when the time is right 
• Text-to-speech and recorded audio 
• Word prediction with a 150k word library 
• Optional word learning and tracking of frequency of word use 
• 1x-3x cell magnification for low vision (scanning and direct select modes) 
Screen480x480• Page previews and a search bar 
• Undo button 
• Direct access to social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and email 
• 30-day user activity log in AAC Institute's LAM format 
• Data tracking with privacy toggle and recording indicator 
• iCloud backup may be enabled 

Switch support: 
• One and two switch scanning 
• Sequential and row/column scanning 
• Auditory preview 
• Bluetooth and direct touch scanning 
• Supports RJ Cooper, AbleNet, and Inclusive Technology bluetooth switches 



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