Wednesday, August 13, 2014

**FREE APP ALERT!** Incredible app for special education, save $150! Limited Time!

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We just found this great app has gone FREE! I've taken just a little time to try it out, and what I've seen so far is just amazing. There are more than 200 life skill modules in this app, designed for special needs in school and adults. It uses a skill assessment to set up goals, then provides step-by-step teaching using visual models. This is going to be invaluable for me as a speech-language pathologist! It's based on the Eden Autism curriculum, but also includes the option to add your own modules, so it's perfect no matter the curriculum used. Parents could use it to set up a home program, too.

To get started teaching life skills on the iPad using iLearnNEarn2 — School and Adult Series, and save $150, please use our download button (iPad only, FREE for a limited time):

**Sorry but this app is no longer free.  Sign up to our FREE APP ALERT so you never miss great deals like these again** 

** Please note **  Pricing and dates are correct at the time of publishing. Only the app's developer can control when an app is free. If the button on the iTunes store lists a price, the app is no longer free, and you will be charged!**

LearnThe iTunes store does list in-app purchases, but I haven't yet found any. But be aware that they could be added at some point. However, the app is currently COMPLETELY free! The flexibility to plan lessons and set them up to meet individual classroom and student needs is amazing!

It's not just limited to special education, either. There are many of these skills that my own children are still learning (taking a phone message, cleaning the bathroom...) where they would benefit from the visual step-by-step as they practice each skill.

Learn2The app includes a lot of job skills, too, perfect for the high school students I work with, like making a work schedule, doing clerical filing, packing a box from a list... the list goes on and on. There are four domains: Self care, domestic, vocational and physical education/recreation.

If you haven't yet downloaded this, you're really missing out. Scroll back up, click the download button, and start planning!

From iTunes:
Learn4iLearnNEarn2 – School and Adult Series is an award-winning special needs education program that delivers Eden Autism Services’ Adults curriculum on touchscreen devices. The integrated curriculum facilitates continued skill acquisition for adults with autism spectrum disorder in areas such as Self-care, Domestic, Vocational, and Recreation and Leisure. The ABA-based app covers about 200 skills at Primary, Intermediate and Secondary levels.

The app integrates Assessment, Program and Teaching modules into a seamless and easy-to-access library of learning activities. The Assessment module allows users to define a student’s IEP (individualized education plan) goals, before creating programs either from a list of preset templates, or by customizing programs from scratch. Teachers/parents can tailor the programs to individualized learning needs, while utilizing their preferred method of intervention (ABA or others). As with many WebTeam apps, iLearnNEarn2 – School and Adult Series comes complete with customization features, including a wide selection of images, audios, videos and interactive tools to create customized programs.


Learn3• Comprises about 200 skills

• Covers key learning domains such as Self-care, Domestic, Vocational, Physical Education/Leisure

• Comes with Student, Assessments, and Programs modules

• Supports programs creation and assignment

• Offers a variety of Program templates

• Auto log of Play sessions

• Produces Reports to evaluate progress

Developed by WebTeam Corporation, iLearnNEarn2 – School and Adult Series is part of the ColorsKit platform of autism management.

Heather H is already doing lesson planning with this app, and school doesn't start for another week!

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