Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good Free Apps of the Day: Two completely FREE book apps, including potty training!

So often when I try new apps in the App Store, I download them and they have ads, or in-app purchases, or they are poorly designed. It was a nice surprise today to try out not one, but TWO new book apps, both completely free! One of them is perfect for toddlers just starting to work on transitioning out of diapers.

** Please note ** Only the app's developer can control when an app is free.**

These apps are simple with few distracting features, making them perfect to read with toddlers and young preschoolers. They can be played with narration and sounds, or in quiet mode. 

In On the Potty, animals in diapers protest being asked to sit on the potty, with many different excuses. Each little animal has a little accident or diaper leak, too--and it's complete with bodily function noises. (This is where quiet mode is nice, for those who prefer not to hear the sound effects.) Even with sound effects, it's still a mild, mellow book with a great message for toddlers. 

In Farm Noises, farm animals make the expected sounds, each starting with one and then adding babies. I like the vocabulary inclusion for younger learners, including foal, kid and lambs. I also like how the story ads up with each animal, featuring one calf, two foals, three kids, and so on. This is a great repetitive structure for young kids. 

Overall, these two new apps are great finds, and when they're free, it's even better! Grab them now--they probably won't stay free for long!


The Farm Noises
iPad/iPhone - completely FREE
When mummy or daddy calls, how many babies will come? A simple and delightful App, with sweet illustrations, for the little ones. Were you will find all the farm animal names with their real sounds. Your baby is going to love it!

On the Potty
iPad/iPhone - completely FREE
A potty training story to help your little one to notice that everybody sits on the potty... and once they sit, sooner or later, it works! 
Your toddler will love it.


Heather H is so relieved that all three of her children are long past the potty training stage.

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