Thursday, August 14, 2014

Must-have book apps: EIGHT Collins Big Cat Story Creator books are completely free!

We have a post from 2012 on Smart Apps For Kids about the Collins Big Cat Story Creator apps, but they are so amazing I want to make sure everyone has seen them. These app books have a great interface and are my favorite books for younger kids, about 4-7. They check off every feature I like in a book app, they're completely free and there are even EIGHT apps!

Links to outside sites open up within the app instead of Safari.

There are a few features that are absolutely essential in a book app, and the Collins Big Cat Story Creator apps meet them all:

  • The words are highlighted as the text is narrated.
  • The narration is clear and read with good expression.
  • Even better, the pace is slightly reduced, to allow for better comprehension.
  • The interactions do not distract from the text. 
  • Even better, the interactions add to the story understanding. 
  • Kids like reading them.
  • There's a page guide to navigate quickly through the book.

These apps go further and add a few features I really love:
  • A quiz follows each book to help focus on reading comprehension. Even better, the prompt on the quiz screen reads, "Can't remember? Read again to find the answers!" 
  • Readers can record their own reading on each page.
  • The Story Creator goes beyond just recording. The user chooses scenes, objects and characters from the book and creates new scenes. Then record the story. Kids can retell the book, or even create alternate endings or sequels.
Enough of me, get to downloading! All of these apps are for the iPad only, and are completely FREE!

DOWNLOAD all eight books on Smart Apps For Kids!


Heather H doesn't like many app books for kids, but does like reading on the Kindle app.

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