Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sign Language for Kids: 60 Proven Benefits That Will Have You Signing Forever

Sign language has always been a part of my speech-language therapy practice. When I became a mother, I was excited to begin a sign language program with my own children. I read all the research I could find on the benefits of infant sign language and was able to experience many of them first-hand. A recent blog post from points out that those benefits continue even after children develop spoken language. In fact, they have 60 reasons you should continue to sign with a child who can speak. I can relate to many items on this list and #24 is one of my favorite benefits.

Here are the first tens reasons on the list.  Be sure check out the entire post here.

1. It is fun! 
2. It is convenient in loud places 
3. It is the first language of the Deaf community and can help your child communicate with someone who is Deaf 
4. It is an authentic second language so your child is learning to be bi-lingual 
5. It adds to language development 
6. It is multi-sensory so children with a wide variety of learning preferences and strengths benefit 
7. It gives additional tools to communicate when words might fail 
8. It’s a great life-long skill 
9. It’s a good skill for the parents too 
10. It can help alleviate a melt down

Sarah still uses the signs for stop and sit down with her teenaged children in noisy or crowded places.

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