Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Take our survey, win codes from Tactus Therapy!

I picked the winners for Articulation Station Pro last night (congratulations to Karen, Jan, Sally, Gretchen and Mina!) but we're not done with the giveaways. On Friday, August 15th at 9 pm CST, I'll be picking NINE more winners with codes for three of my very favorite language and speech apps. I'm using a random number generator to pick among all of those who have taken our birthday survey.

Some of my most-used apps are from Tactus Therapy. They are well-designed, never crash, most take data, and they target my therapy goals without a lot of distracting features (very beneficial for my therapy kids). They're also great for older students (and adults).

Check out each of the apps below. We have three codes for each app to pass along. Each app has a free version to try out, so get busy downloading! And be sure to visit Tactus Therapy on Facebook to see all of the other wonderful apps.

ENTER BY TAKING THE BIRTHDAY SURVEY HERE! If you've already taken the survey, no need to take it again. But share this post to spread the word!

Category TherAppy: I use this app extensively with my students to work on categorization skills. Though my students who have had therapy in preschool come to me with a good understanding of basic categories, most of the kids can't go beyond the basics of food, animal or toy. This app also fits nicely with the popular Expanding Expression Tool that many speech-language pathologists use to target descriptions.

iPad/iPhone - $14.99

Full Version                 Free Lite Version

Answering TherAppy: Rachel J gave Answering TherAppy 4.5 stars, and it definitely deserves it! This is my favorite app for really focusing in on answering questions, and the level of user control (including a personal information section) is amazing.

iPad/iPhone - $19.99

Full Version                Free Lite Version

Speech Flipbook Standard: I have used this app for students with apraxia, for working on a lateral lisp (the only app I know that allows me to sort specifically for final /ts/ words), targeting phonological patterns like consonant clusters and for targeting early phonics. It mimics the old standard index card flipbook many SLPs made in graduate school, and the kids I work with love being able to flip and make silly (nonsense) and real words.

iPad/iPhone - $9.99

Full Version            Free Version with in-app purchases

~Heather H.

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