Friday, August 1, 2014

Teaching How to Accept Feedback -- A great resource for home, therapy or school

I do not know how many times I give my two kids feedback on something to have them talk back or get defensive without listening to what I am actually saying. As I was typing that sentence, I stopped to tell my eight year old something and was rewarded with an eye role. I think I am going to look for this book and make up the poster I found on Speech Room News this weekend! If you have never checked out this website, it is a great resource and full of ideas and activities.

Jenna wrote:

Accepting feedback can be really difficult and it is a pervasive issue throughout the student’s day. I have tried a few different conversations with kids about the reason they are at school – to learn! If they got everything right the first time, why would they even bother needing school? Those weren’t really clicking so I ordered a new book and I’m having a lot more success!
Read the remainder of her article, Accepting Feedback: Social Skills Activities, to find out what book she found so useful!

Rachel H's daughter is begrudgingly folding and putting away her laundry

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