Friday, August 8, 2014

The "curse" of W-Sitting

 Growing up, one girl in my elementary school classes was a w-sitter. I remember thinking it was SO cool that she sat like that (don't ask me why). I tried it out one day and it killed my knees. Why would she sit like that? Turns out, she likely had some core strength and vestibular (the body's sense of movement) issues, causing her to need the wider base of support that W-sitting provides.

I try to tackle the issue of w-sitting with my early intervention kids. Many kids that I evaluate for sensory issues sit with their legs in a W, instantly telling me that they are going to need extra core strengthening and vestibular input to ensure they trust their base of support. For some, sitting in long sit (with their legs out) or "criss-cross applesauce" tells their brains they are going to fall over, causing them to sit with their legs in a W, to ensure they don't lose their balance. With good occupational or physical therapy, these kids can overcome these insecurities and prevent further issues relating to their knees and hips.

For a physical therapist's perspective on W-sitting, please visit The Inspired Treehouse here.


Shelly doesn't envy those who have to start back to school this month.

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