Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This post dedicated to all special needs parents!

This post is dedicated to all of the special needs parents out there who love their kids to pieces, but are tired after a long summer. With the kids home, you may not have had even one moment to rest or mentally let down a little. I know most of you don't have respite care, and many don't have family or friends who can easily help care for your children so you can have a break instead of a breakdown.

I know some of you, and I know you're ready, more than ready, for the school year to start. The return of the daily structure, the (hopefully) caring and loving team who loves your child and works together with you for growth. You're ready to watch your child bloom. And also maybe ready to go to the bathroom in peace during the day.

I thought of you when I saw this video. The Holderness Family has made a parody video that I think conveys the feelings of many parents. We love the kids, we had a great summer, but we're still so very ready for school to start.

Check out Baby Got Class on The Holderness Family's blog. Then come back and tell us why you're excited for school to be starting.


Heather H dedicates this to one special mom who will be glad to not see chocolate syrup anywhere but on her ice cream after school starts.

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