Monday, August 18, 2014

Up Next -- a visual scheduler and list keeper for the busy caregiver

If you're anything like me, you struggle with organization, especially when faced with so many different things to organize! I recently found Up Next - What to Do When, but not by trying hard to figure out a new organizational system. I was alerted to this great app through the Starbucks app (and we all know that's a great app to know your way around!) Each week the Starbucks app gives registered users access to the Pick of the week app (which is also available by picking up the free card at the counter of any Starbucks store.  Immediately I knew it was an app that might work for my organizational needs and challenges.

If you'd like to download Up Next - What to Do When (iPhone, x2 iPad, $4.99) please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button:

Download Starbucks (iPhone, x2 iPad, Free) and support Smart Apps for Special Needs by clicking this button, and get your own free app each week:


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Are you looking for a place to store your grocery lists, important contacts, appointments, meetings, therapies, and whatever else your busy schedule may hold? Up Next - What to Do When will surely help with this. The app syncs the phone's calendar and contacts with anything else the user may choose to input.

Open up the welcome screen and choose to see just new tasks or all tasks or swipe across to view task lists the user has created. Personally I found this feature amazing. With my recently changed position at the non-profit foundation I work for, I am required to be on many conference calls. This app allows me to enter the call details at a specific date and time. It also allows the user to enter any necessary details like call-in phone number, call participants and anything else.

It may take some time to get myself using this app as fluidly as I use the Starbucks app, but I certainly think it will help give my brain the break it deserves by visually organizing everything for me!

From iTunes:
*Featured By Apple Under Best New Productivity Apps*
*Featured By AppAdvice as App of the week (4/21)*

Up Next is an intelligent to do app that analyzes all of your calendars and to do lists, then shows the 3 most important things to work on at any moment. It also provides quick access to things like driving directions and one tap dial to make your task execution more efficient.

- No Account Creation or Login Required
- Quick Entry For New Tasks
- Multiple Task Lists
- Advanced Repeating Options (Monday, Wednesday, Friday for example)
- Full Integration with existing calendar and reminders app
- Estimated travel time to locations for tasks with locations
- Dynamic backgrounds that change with the time of day

Amanda likes coffee and keeping things organized. In case you couldn't tell by this post,she hasn't had enough coffee, and cannot seem to remember what is happening tomorrow.

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